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Oklahoma's new defense in patent infringement lawsuits

A new Oklahoma law should give would-be plaintiffs pause before alleging abusive patent infringement claims. In May, Governor Fallin signed into law HB 2837, making Oklahoma one of 18 states to enact a state bill aimed at...more

10/6/2014 - New Legislation Non-Practicing Entities Patent Infringement Patent Litigation Patent Trolls Patents Popular

McAfee & Taft tIP Sheet - March 2013

In This Issue: - 3 Monitoring employees’ use of company trademarks in social media - 5 Keys to ensuring the secrecy of trade secrets - 6 FTC amends Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule - Excerpt from...more


McAfee & Taft tIPsheet - March 2013: Keys to ensuring the secrecy of trade secrets

“Three can keep a secret if two are dead.” — Benjamin Franklin. In the shrinking world of social media, privacy seems to be an all but forgotten concept. But in the world of business, trade secrets are critical to...more

3/5/2013 - Confidentiality Agreements Data Protection Misappropriation Public Disclosure Social Media Trade Secrets

McAfee & Taft tiP Sheet - November 2012

In This Issue: - 1 Common sense trade secret protection - 4 Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation to impact electronic marketing and communications - 5 Concerns over copyright infringement drive Google to change...more


McAfee & Taft tIPsheet - November 2012: Concerns over copyright infringement drive Google to change search algorithms by Zach...

Business on the Internet recently got a lot more interesting. On Friday, August 10, 2012, Google announced a major change to its search algorithms that would alter the ranking of websites based on the number of copyright...more


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