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How to Prepare for Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties jointly select a neutral third party facilitator to help reach resolution of all or some of the issues in their divorce proceeding....more

3/27/2014 - Mediation

Financial Issues In Divorce – Dissipation Or “Waste” Claims

In Arizona, it is not uncommon for a spouse in a dissolution proceeding to assert a “waste” claim against the other spouse. The term “waste” does not appear in the Arizona statutes that define community property or relate to...more

12/10/2013 - Divorce Waste

How long will it take for my divorce to be final?

The amount of time it takes for a divorce to be finalized is different in everyone’s case and is driven by a variety of factors. One of the most important factors is whether other professionals need to be brought into...more

11/7/2013 - Divorce

Why Arizona Business Owners Need A Premarital Agreement

Arizona is a community property state which means all property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is, by statute, presumed to be community property. ...more

8/8/2013 - Business Ownership Community Property Divorce Marital Assets Marriage Prenuptial Agreements

Use Of A Jointly Engaged Valuation Expert In A Divorce; How to Make the Process Work

In recent years it has become more common for divorcing spouses to agree to jointly engage one expert to value the marital interest in a business or professional practice. ...more

7/22/2013 - Asset Valuations Divorce Marital Assets Marriage Valuation Valuation Experts

Business Valuation in Divorce - Choosing a Valuation Expert

Whenever a privately held business is among the assets in a dissolution proceeding, certain fundamental issues must be addressed in the context of determining the value of the business. If the business is relatively small in...more

5/20/2013 - Asset Valuations Divorce Marital Assets Privately Held Corporations

Potential Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process of resolving disputes by engaging a neutral third party who acts as a facilitator, assisting the divorcing spouses in reaching an agreement....more

4/4/2013 - Divorce Mediation Third-Party

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