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International Practice - January 2014: Selecting a Foreign Attorney: Avoiding “Legal Pirates” and Effectively Managing the...

U.S. businesses are increasingly looking for growth opportunities abroad. A recent study showed that global businesses based in upstate New York achieved almost three times the growth rate and earned over 10% more in revenue...more

Top Priorities for Law Firms in 2014? Depends...

What should be the top priorities for law firms in 2014? That depends entirely on whom you ask, of course -- and, since we recently put the question to CMOs at firms on JD Supra, we thought we'd seek out the perspective of...more

Top Priorities for BigLaw in 2014? Here's the CMO Perspective...

What will be the top priority for law firms in 2014? The answer depends on whom you ask, of course – and, for our Firm Leadership series, we put the question to chief marketing officers at law firms publishing on JD Supra...more

Sorry is the hardest word in this business, but the best word to calm tensions.

I referred work to an accountant I knew for a retirement plan audit. He did a terrible job and there are issues regarding his registration to do the work. Making a lousy referral is even worse than doing poor work of your own...more

In-House Perspective: 10 Ways Every First Year Associate Can Shine

The following suggestions are based on my experience practicing labor and employment law as an associate at two large law firms and as senior in-house labor and employment counsel at a multibillion dollar international...more

3 Tips to Use When a Client is More Than 50% of Your Business

Do you have a giant client that gives you more than 50% of your revenue? That can be good news and the bad news. The good news is you can concentrate on the needs of that client giving them exceptional work and client...more

Press: Clients Buying Less, But Paying More  [Video]

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg Law) -- Aric Press, editor in chief of American Lawyer Media, talks with Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia about the latest data on the financial performance of law firms....more

The Proactive Approach to Client Service – Interview with R. Robert Popeo, Chairman, Mintz Levin [Video]

Attorney R. Robert Popeo, Chairman of Mintz Levin, talks about the importance of serving clients proactively, not reactively....more

The Importance of Understanding a Client’s Business Needs – Interview with Bob Bodian, Managing Member, Mintz Levin [Video]

Attorney Bob Bodian talks about how important it is for lawyers to be involved with clients’ companies and understand their business needs....more

Building Strong Client Relationships – Interview with Andy Urban, Vice Chairman, Mintz Levin [Video]

Real estate attorney Andy Urban talks about Mintz Levin's approach to building long-term client relationships....more

Creating an Incredible First Impression: When a Soprano Calls

First impressions are forever. Whether you are Carmela Soprano, Tony Soprano or Average Joe calling, the person who takes the call must make an impression as well as get an impression of the potential client. ...more

It’s hard to make this stuff up

Michael Rynowecer writes as “The Mad Clientist” and his latest post, Outtakes for the Client Service Laboratory makes you wonder just what kind of drug-induced haze so many seem to live in. Take these two examples...more

Common legal issues affecting the refining industry

Some involvement with legal issues is inevitable for professionals, including individuals and the companies for whom they work. But too often, companies — their management, their personnel, and their counsel — accept the...more

Polsinelli Podcast - Avoiding Professional Liability [Video]

Professional Liability claims are on the rise. Inside Law speaks to Denver Shareholder Stacy Carpenter from Polsinelli about what professionals can do to minimize these kinds of claims. For more information contact Public...more

Who Chooses a High Conflict Divorce, the Clients or the Lawyers?

More and more we hear that online legal services and mediation are the answer to give people low conflict divorces. They tout that if you just use their services, there will be no, or little, conflict in your divorce and...more

Teach Your Partners How to 'Sell' You

One of the under-utilized cross selling marketing tools can be found walking past your office door on a daily basis: Your partners. ...more

Construction Law, the Cloud and Solo Practice

Virginia construction lawyer, Christopher Hill shares his thoughts on how cloud based tools allow him more face time with his construction clients...more

How Retirement Plan Providers Can Avoid Having A “Communication Breakdown” With Their Clients

One of the most important jobs in having clients as a retirement plan provider is retaining them and the fact is that happy clients rarely leave. Too often, plan providers lose clients over a lack of communication. As Led...more

Five Obstacles to Business Development Success, Part 5

Every year law firms spend millions of dollars in marketing, client development, training and technologies to attract more clients. Law firm leaders understand that business development is the life blood of the firm. Or do...more

Client Biz Dev: You're Doing It Wrong  [Video]

May 16 (Bloomberg Law) -- Trevor Faure, Global Leader of Legal Services for Ernst & Young, tells Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia that the needs of general counsels at large corporations have changed in recent years and that most...more

Retain Clients by Being Business Friendly

Retaining clients is a function of doing good quality work at a competitive price plus one more thing: being easy to work with. What can you do to be easier to do business with? Start by looking at your business...more

What to Bring to Your First Meeting with Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

The better prepared you are, the more effectively your attorney can advise you on your debt relief options. Before going to your first appointment, record essential information about your debts, assets, income and expenses....more

“Rookie” Mistakes Every Retirement Plan Provider Should Avoid

Whether you like it or not, first impressions mean the most. If you fail to make a good impression the first time out, many times you never get a chance to make a second impression. Some times that bad impression is because...more

How To Unseat The Competition

Here is something they never taught you in law school: No one changes lawyers unless they first question the value they get from their current lawyer. Shaking a client loose from the comfort of an existing relationship...more

Preparing for Mediation: Where the Real Advocacy Begins

The importance of mediations as an effective tool in reaching a settlement cannot be stressed enough. A mediation provides counsel with a very unique opportunity. It is often the one time in the entire litigation process...more

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