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How many firms use two-sided cards?

In the course of rebranding projects, we occasionally recommend redesigning the firm’s logo, which means developing new stationery as well. We typically suggest printing on both sides of the business cards to convey...more

Who Said That? What Happens During Live Tweeting?

I received a blog post titled Stealing Ideas and Social Media via email this morning from Randall Craig, one of our presenters last week at the LMA, or Legal Marketing Association, ?annual conference?. Randall spoke on Social...more

3 Things Every Employee Should Do on LinkedIn and Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Despite the enormous membership on LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s amazing how many people don’t know how to use them. If I had a dime for every time someone said to me “I’m on LinkedIn but I don’t really know what I’m doing” or...more

5 Steps Out of the Entrepreneur’s Inevitable Business Plateau (Part 1)

Like death and taxes, there is one thing about being a legal entrepreneur that is predictable… Your business will plateau....more

The Roundup: This Week’s Recommended Reading (April 11, 2014)

Welcome to The Roundup for the week ending April 11. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share this week. From Around the Web - The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research: What’s the ideal...more

Preparing The Boss For Media Interviews

Smart executives and business owners know that a good public-relations program can build a brand and burnish a reputation. Good PR costs less than advertising and lends credibility to your organization, products, and...more

How Do Lawyers Measure Success?

Did you make partner at your law firm? Did you make more money this year than the year before? Do you drive a nice car? Do you live in a big house? Are you happy? Would the 12-year-old version of you be impressed by who you...more

JDB 051 – “I Can’t Do This Anymore!” – How to Love Being a Lawyer or Find Your Path Out of the Law

Marc Luber host of Careers Out ThereI think we have all been there at one time or another in our careers as lawyers – and some of us struggle to drag ourselves into the office every day of the week! Law is a demanding...more

Online Marketing and SEO Basics for Lawyers: How the Internet Works

If you search for “SEO for lawyers,” you’ll see something interesting. Most of the top results are from SEO consultants, looking to make money off lawyers. But the very top result (at least in my Google search) is an article...more

Ceding the Stage – Lessons in Leadership

I’ve been engaged in a lively discussion with other legal marketers in which two topics I love, basketball and leadership, have come together nicely. You don’t have to be a basketball fan, or even a sports fan, to benefit...more

What is LinkedIn? Not a stupid question

I’ve heard this question from two different highly successful partners at big law firms in the last month. What is LinkedIn? Isn’t it obvious? It’s a collection of professionals networked using a common website where they...more

3 Law Practice Website Mistakes & How to Fix Them

It’s not enough to be a great lawyer, you need to be a great lawyer with a website that reflects who you are and how you are different. In today’s online world, there is little chance anyone is going to hire you without...more

Five Ways to Become a Reporter’s Expert Source

Lawyers often ask how they can get quoted in news stories, or be quoted more often. They intrinsically understand the value of being a commentary source and many are naturally adept at serving as sources. It’s their job,...more

Yes, Your Google Presence Matters

In the Netflix series “House of Cards,” Kevin Spacey’s character has presence — in every room he enters, he is a force to be reckoned with. We all know lawyers like this; some people are just larger than life. Strangely,...more

Online Marketing & SEO Basics for Lawyers and Law Students: What Is Your Ideal Client Searching For?

Previously in the Online Marketing & SEO Basics for Lawyer and Law Students series, we talked about legal marketing basics, discussed the importance of defining useful goals for your online marketing efforts, and defining...more

The Roundup: This Week’s Recommended Reading (April 4, 2014)

Welcome to The Roundup for the week ending April 4. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share this week. From Around the Web - Tell Your Whole Story in an Interview: Make an impression in job interviews by...more

JDB 50: The Big Five-0 and How to Record a Podcast Interview with Skype

Today I am excited to release the fiftieth episode of the JDBlogger Podcast and am proud to announce that Ruby Receptionist is the official sponsor of the Podcast. I started this podcast about 18 months ago with the goal of...more

Not Dead Yet? How BigLaw's Best Firms Are Finding Growth  [Video]

Apr. 2, 2014 (Mimesis Law) -- Kent Zimmermann, consultant to law firms for The Zeughauser Group, tells Lee Pacchia that despite years of negative press heralding the end of BigLaw's best years, there are tangible signs of...more

#LMA14: Why Are We Here?

I arrived in Orlando Monday for the LMA, or Legal Marketing Association, board of directors meeting and international conference. Over 1100 of us are in the midst of arriving for our 3-day conference. Am I excited? You bet....more

Entrepreneurs: 8 Tips for Busting Through Barriers to Success

Waaaay back, I wrote a post on making the transition from being a cog in the wheel of commerce to being the engine of your own business. Since then, I’ve encountered more and more data on how terrifying, how thrilling...more

Google Wants Clear, Comprehensible Content

Quality standards are definitely a large part of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. So, what do you do to boost the quality of technical or speciality legal content? It can be a struggle to aim your writing well....more

I Want To Be A Legal Marketer When I Grow Up #LMA14

“I want to be a legal marketer when I grow up,” said nobody ever. Let me start out by saying: I love working in the legal industry and I love working with lawyers. The work can be extremely challenging, but it has the...more

The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading (March 28, 2014)

Welcome to The Roundup for the week ending March 28. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share this week....more

#LMA14: I’m Really Looking Forward To It!

I’m really looking forward to next week! Yes, I will miss my beyond-words-adorable Yellow Lab puppies, Mike and Nick, more than I can say, but I know they are in great hands here at home with my husband, John. Oh, yes, I...more

LinkedIn and PeopleLinx: Two Great Scores that Go Great Together

LinkedIn is releasing tools which assign scores to brands based on their content marketing efforts. It’s a cool new feature, and very different from the PeopleLinx scoring tool. Put the two together, and you’ll get an...more

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