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The likability factor and connecting with others

The analysis seems simple enough — if people like you, you will be happy and successful. But if it’s that easy, then why isn’t everyone doing it? The likability factor — sometimes referred to as the LQ, for likability...more

Words of Wisdom: Nobody is Perfect, So Cut Yourself Some Slack

The stomach bug hit me like a freight train. My lawyer-husband left that morning for a three-day trip and my 11- and 13-year-old children were home with me. As I crawled into my bed, I dimly thought, "I should make them...more

Featuring: Off-the-Record Mentoring

A structured, formal mentoring plan is an important part of any female professional's career path. Helping the next generation of female leaders through mentoring has been shown to be enormously helpful to both parties....more

Do You Have the Right Mindset for Your Legal Career?

I know you are likely busy like all lawyers and law students. But if you have time to read one book this summer, we have a suggestion for you. We suggest you get a copy of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol...more

5 Ways to Follow Up Effectively (With Real-World Examples)

Building relationships with interesting people is the key to an exceptional career, and one key to those relationship is: the follow-up. Here's a look at how to do it correctly....more

The Roundup: This Week’s Recommended Reading (July 11, 2014)

Welcome to The Roundup for the week ending July 11. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share this week. From Around the Web - An Expert Guide to Idea Curation: How to Get More Ideas for Great Content:...more

Are you Emotionally Intelligent? 5 Soft Skills to Show Off in Your Summer Law Job

We’re excited to welcome back Annabrooke Temple and Fairuz Abdullah from the UC Hastings Office of Career and Professional Development. They recently shared with readers four tips for summer law job success. Annabrooke and...more

The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading

Welcome to The Roundup for the week ending May 2. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share. From Around the Web - If You Had to do it All Over Again, Would You Go to Law School? An SPU student shares...more

Female Powerbrokers Q&A: Saul Ewing's Debbie Spranger

Deborah Spranger is a vice chair of Saul Ewing LLP’s business and finance department, a co-chair of its life sciences practice group and a member of the firm’s seven-member executive committee. She focuses her practice on...more

Female Powerbrokers Q&A: Bilzin Sumberg's Amaducci

Suzanne M. Amaducci-Adams is a partner at Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP's Miami office, where she leads the firm's hospitality group. She handles all aspects of commercial real estate and finance transactions,...more

Starting A Medical Practice: What Entity Works Best For You?

Starting a medical practice is an exciting new opportunity, but, like with many new opportunities, you will face a number of important decisions before you can open your doors to patients. One of the early decisions you will...more

"The report of my death was an exaggeration . . . . . ." Mark Twain, May 31, 1897

From some quick online research, I believe Mark Twain is credited with the above quote, and it is frequently misquoted as "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Although "death," is certainly an exaggeration in...more

Going Solo Right Out of Law School — To Partner Up or Not?

Please welcome back to the blog Rachel Rodgers, the intellectual property and business lawyer for digital entrepreneurs. Rachel is here to talk about a subject a lot of young lawyers think about – starting a solo practice and...more

After You Transform: How Long Before the Money Starts Coming In?

Technically, this is Part III in my series on the rising rates of suicide among lawyers and what we need to do to stop it now… Today though, we are moving beyond the depression, struggle and anxiety and getting into the...more

A New Year Brings New Challenges

A new year always brings new and unexpected challenges. Turnaround professionals make careers out of expecting the unexpected and helping their clients turn challenges into opportunities. We asked several turnaround...more

The Roundup: This Week’s Recommended Reading

Here at Trebuchet, we’re always on the hunt for great articles about law careers, job hunting, and marketing yourself. Today we’re introducing The Roundup to highlight some of the thought-provoking pieces we find each week....more

When I Hit Rock Bottom as a Young Lawyer

Please welcome Marina Modlin, former freelance attorney and founder of Modlin Legal Services, to the blog today. Marina’s going to share the story of her early legal career…which wasn’t terribly successful....more

Help! The Partner Thinks I’m an Idiot

We are pleased to welcome Katie Slater to the blog today. Katie Slater is a recovering attorney turned professional coach who helps lawyers and other analytical types with their professional development. She’s also one of the...more

Speaking: 7 Key Strategies That Make A Difference

Last week I made a speech about making a speech. I first asked the audience to raise their hands if they give speeches on a regular basis, how many do it occasionally, how many lead meetings, how many share their expertise...more

What Lawyers put in Bios Versus What Clients Want

Kevin O’keefe shared this image on Twitter that was originally shared by Sam Glover. I retweeted this on Twitter (which means that when I saw it on Twitter, I hit the “retweet” button) and it was passed along to all of...more

Why Estate Planning is the Best Practice Area for Most Lawyers

There was a time when I wasn’t sure I was going to continue serving lawyers. I had a mid-life crisis (or as I like to think of it—a Spiritual Awakening) and I did a deep dive soul-searching inquiry as to what I wanted to be...more

CH-CH-CH-CHANGES: How to effect a successful practice transition

At some point, you’ll realize it is time. Time for a change in your practice. The reasons can be varied – bigger firm, smaller firm, crossing the v, perhaps even leaving the law entirely. People change jobs several times...more

Zero Visibility Shuts Everything Down

Traveling in zero visibility is dangerous, possibly life threatening. Making business decision without the ability to see clearly ahead of you is just as hazardous to your career. ...more

Suffering is Optional, Growth is Not: Four Invitations to Release the Pain of Being a Lawyer

Recently, Alexis wrote an amazing post about the pain of being a lawyer. I’d like to talk a little more about that because so many (not all!) of my colleagues experience their professional lives unhappily and joylessly. Even...more

Want to Make it Rain? Take Risks.

Law firms need lawyers who can expand existing client relationships and grow their own and their firm’s book of business. Using social science methodology, Lawyer Metrics has identified a broad “Rainmaker Profile” that...more

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