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10 Tips to Working Better with Your Paralegal

Attorneys spend a lot of time working with support staff, particularly paralegals, but get no training in law school on how to successfully navigate this important relationship. Here are some tips to help you get the most...more

Legal Business Development: Teamwork Accelerates Results

When it comes to business development, the legal profession isn’t known for teamwork. It could be described more as track and field, rather than football. Each lawyer in the firm does what he or she does and at the end of the...more

Michelle Dennedy (@mdennedy), Chief Privacy Officer at @McAfee, and Her Hilarious Day as a Model [Video]

Today, my guest is Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee (division of Intel Security), who was invited to represent McAfee Online Safety for Kids and The Identity Project as a runway fashion model for The Moms...more

The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading (Oct. 17, 2014)

From Around the Web - Why I’m Going to Begin Ice Skating and What That Has to Do With You Leaving the Law: Casey Berman shares what prevents him from trying to ice skate is generally the same as what prevents many of us...more

More things I think I think

Several readers offered very nice comments on my original Some Things I Think I Think post, so I’ve decided to continue thinking. Well, at least sharing things I think I think....more

Assessing the Client Bonds of Lateral Candidates

The promise of new client relationships is driving the vast majority of lateral partner movement today. Lateral acquisition is a primary growth strategy for many law firms. But both the new firm and the lateral are often...more

Client Q&A: Ivor Longo, Coca-Cola Company Counsel, Patents

Q: If you think about your best relationships with outside counsel over time, what are the top three things other lawyers could learn from them? A: 1. Fast response is essential. 2. Outside counsel need to approach...more

Milbank Hiring Partner Sees Big Uptick in 3L Recruits [Video]

Oct. 16, 2014 (Mimesis Law) -- Jay Grushkin, hiring partner at New York's Milbank Tweed, talks with Lee Pacchia about the current state of recruiting incoming associates for large law firms, first year associate compensation...more

The Bare Basics of Networking Events

So you want to attend that networking event at the local bar association but you’ve never done this before? Not to worry. Here are five tips to help you survive that first trek into networking....more

Client Q&A: Bill Marshall Assistant Vice President and Counsel, McWane, Inc.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about McWane? A: The first thing I like about McWane would have to be the great people I work for and with. Next would be the diverse nature of my work. McWane companies manufacture ductile...more

What Does Your Personality Test Really Say About Your Career?

We are excited to welcome Kate Mayer Mangan to Trebuchet for a guest post about whether personality tests are an actual indicator of career success, especially for lawyers. Kate is a San Diego-based appellate litigator and...more

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth – GCs Say What They Want From Outside Firms

We recently attended a private meeting held in Panama with the General Counsel of 35 global corporations. Given the differences in their businesses, geography, cultures and operational envelopes, one would surmise that they...more

It’s Too Late to Send Rate Increase Letters

Not every company budgets on a calendar year annual basis, but for those that do, that process is nearly complete by mid-October. In-house counsel typically draft budgets in September, tweak them in October and are now deep...more

7 Questions with Judi Cohen of Warrior One

The 7 Questions With… interview series will give you an inside glimpse into the lives of various individuals involved in the legal profession, but in very different ways. Today we’re exited to welcome Judi Cohen, who...more

Client Q&A: Norman Jetmundsen, Jr., Assistant General Counsel, Vulcan Materials Company

Vulcan Materials Company provides essential infrastructure materials required by the U.S. economy. Vulcan is the nation’s leading producer of construction aggregates: primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel....more

Firm’s collection letter violated Fair Debt Act

A North Attleborough law firm violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when it sent a collection letter which included implied threats to sue that could have confused the debtor as to her statutory right to dispute the...more

4 Preliminary Questions for Every Deposition You Take

Before you get to the substantive questions, make sure to ask these four important preliminary questions in every deposition you take. Is the deponent on medication or suffering from an illness? Ask questions about...more

The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading

From Around the Web - Behind Bars, Law Students Find Their First Clients: There are few things as humbling as having your client sit in shackles beside you even as you argue his case. (The Harvard Law Record)...more

Is the Legal Profession Showing Its Age?

The figure below suggests that a growing number of students are attending law school but not going on to become lawyers. This conclusion requires some explanation, which I will supply below. Alternative explanations are...more

Mike Dillon, GC of @Adobe, Talks About Bicycling Across the U.S. From Florida to California [Video]

Today, my guest is Mike Dillon, General Counsel of Adobe Systems, who bicycled across the country from Florida to California. When he started the trip, he was nothing more than a weekend cyclist and honestly didn't even know...more

Making Your Net Work

When we hear business development-oriented lawyers talk about all the wondrous things evolving social media technology can do to their (or their firm’s) market visibility and reach, we’re reminded of the story of the...more

Client Q&A: David Benck, Vice President and General Counsel, Hibbitt Sporting Goods, Inc.

Q: If you think about your best relationships with outside counsel over time, what are three important things other lawyers could learn from them? A: The most important things outside counsel need to do to...more

Client Q&A: Barbara Kolsun, Exec. VP & GC, Stuart Weitzman, LLC

Q: In your best relationships with outside counsel, what are three important things other lawyers could learn from them? A: Three things that are important to me are cost, rapidness of response and efficiency in...more

In New Jersey, arbitration clauses in consumer contracts are unenforceable when the parties to the contracts do not explicitly...

The Supreme Court for the State of New Jersey held that the failure to include specific trial by jury waiver language in arbitration clauses renders them unenforceable in consumer contracts, notwithstanding the fact that said...more

Assessing the Client Bonds of Lateral Candidates

Lateral acquisitions are a primary growth strategy for many firms. But the success rate of clients porting over with the lateral is often underwhelming. With such a large investment of money, time and reputation, law firm...more

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