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DIFC: Intermediate SPV Regime

On 19 September 2016, the DIFC Authority Board of Directors ("Board") approved, with immediate effect, a regime to allow for the establishment of intermediate special purpose vehicles in the DIFC ("Intermediate SPVs") for both…more

Board of Directors, Collective Investment Schemes, DIFC, Dubai, Holding Companies

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Arbitrator's award of third party funding costs upheld by High Court

A recent High Court decision upheld a costs award in arbitration proceedings that included third party funding costs. The Court concluded that the arbitrator had wide discretion to award costs, which included the award of third…more

Appeals, Arbitration, Arbitration Awards, Breach of Contract, Litigation Funding

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Amendments to the Antimonopoly Regulation in Kazakhstan

On 5 May 2015 the President signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Introduction of Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Natural Monopolies and Regulated Markets” No…more

Anti-Monopoly, Kazakhstan

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And Up to Twenty Years in Prison: The Criminalization of US Customs Violations

The United States’ traditional reliance on only civil penalties against trade violators is changing. During the past several years, the US government has increasingly brought criminal charges against alleged violators, both…more

Anti-Dumping Duty, Corporate Officers, Countervailing Duties, Criminal Penalties, Criminal Prosecution

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Mexico 2016 Tax Reform

The 2016 Tax Bill presented by the President to Congress on September 8, 2015 was approved almost in its original terms by both Chambers of Congress on October 29, 2015 and published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on…more

Income Taxes, Investment Funds, Mexico, Renewable Energy, Tax Code

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Foreign Investment in Multi-Brand Retail Trading in India: Government issues clarifications

In September 2012, the Government of India (GoI) permitted foreign direct investment (FDI) up to 51% of the equity of Indian entities engaged in multi-brand retail trading (MBRT) in India (see our earlier alert of October…more

Foreign Investment, India, Infrastructure, Local Sourcing, Retailers

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Global merger control: Charting a route to port

As investors scour the world for growth, regulators are placing cross-border deals under ever greater scrutiny, and a new regulatory world order is emerging. Understanding it is essential. Merger control: Getting your deal…more

Acquisitions, Antitrust Provisions, Cross-Border Transactions, EU, Gun-Jumping

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M&A Attractiveness Index, EMEA – Finland

According to the M&A Attractiveness Index, developed by the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, Finland is now ranked 25th out of a total of 147 countries in terms of its attractiveness for M&A purposes, (i.e., its…more

Acquisitions, Finland, Foreign Investment, Inbound Investments, Investment Funds

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Development and Opportunities in the Turkish Market - December 2012

The Turkish government’s agenda for development is one of the most ambitious in the world. Combined with investor friendly changes in the market, including a new investment incentive regime and new regulation enhancing…more

Financing, Foreign Investment, Public Private Partnerships (P3s), Shareholders

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M&A Attractiveness Index, EMEA – Middle East

According to the M&A Attractiveness Index, developed by the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, the Middle East countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are ranked 50th, 81st and 28th, respectively, out…more

Acquisitions, Foreign Investment, Inbound Investments, Investment Funds, Mergers

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Japan Patent Act Amendment: How to Compensate Inventors Now?

The most recent amendment to Japan's Patent Act, effective April 1, 2016, modifies the right of an employee inventor to "reasonable" compensation in response to calls for change from companies, but falls short of creating a…more

Compensation Agreements, Employee Inventors, Inventors, Japan, Patents

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