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In Fear Of Your Life

Out for a sunny ride on a lazy Sunday afternoon Izzy Skeerd and his family suddenly found themselves surrounded by motorcycles in front, behind and on either side of their sport utility vehicle. One motorcyclist was wearing a...more

Work Accident Claim Instigated A Recent Court Ruling

An injury at work can be an overwhelming experience for many people, especially when the damages result in permanent disability. Workers' compensation insurance is often carried in the workplace to benefit employees and...more

Don’t Leave the Scene: Crucial When in an Auto Accident

Auto accidents affect millions of Americans every year, whether through death, injury, property damage or financial loss. Whether you are the party at fault, or an innocent victim, it pays to understand the laws of the...more

The map is not the territory: why visiting the accident scene is so important

A little girl rode her bike along a bike path. The path approached a two-lane vehicle bridge and ran alongside it, like a sidewalk. Her family rode behind her. Her younger brother, new to his two-wheeler, bumped her bike. The...more

Supervisor Fined For Disturbing Accident Scene

An Ontario supervisor has been convicted and fined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for disturbing an accident scene....more

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