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A bridge too far – Cyclist’s fall off bridge

The Supreme Court of New South Wales has held in Collins v Clarence Valley Council (No 3) [2013] NSWSC 1682 that Clarence Valley Council was not negligent for Dr Collins falling off a bridge when the wheel of her bicycle...more

Bicycle Claims - How to Properly Handle a Bike Accident Case

I live, practice, and ride my bike in Whatcom County. Whatcom County is one of the more bicycle friendly counties in Washington State. It offers epic mountain biking terrain within the city limits and access to some of the...more

How to Handle Your Bicycle Accident

Arizona is an excellent place to ride a bike. The city of Phoenix has made great efforts to accommodate bicycles by creating many beautiful bike routes and trails, and fitting city buses and parking lots with bicycle racks....more

Former Westminster City Manager Killed in Laguna Canyon Bicycle Accident

A former Westminster police chief and city manager has been killed after being hit by a Toyota Corolla on the southbound 133 highway, according to a news report....more

Teen Seriously Injured in Anaheim Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident

An unidentified male in his late teens has been seriously injured in a hit-and-run bicycle accident in Anaheim, according to a news report....more

Mobile Bicyclist In Fatal Accident With DUI Driver

A fatal accident resulted in the death of a bike rider, and now a young man is facing criminal charges for at least the third time. The Mobile, Alabama area man was arrested on suspected DUI and vehicular manslaughter after...more

Bicycle Accident Liability — Can The Cyclist Be At Fault?

While bicycle riding becomes less common in the winter months, it remains a popular pastime for many year-round. In 2010, there were more than 700 reported collisions between bicycles and cars resulting in a number of...more

Are Bike Lanes Making New York City Safer?

The new bike lanes in New York City have generated controversy. Drivers hate them, and many pedestrians have stories about near-misses with reckless, rude bicyclists. Are the bike lanes a menace, or are they a good step...more

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