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Real Estate Tip – Hedge Against Future Inflation: Understanding The Capitalization Rate

Net operating income ÷ building capital cost = capitalization rate - If you bought a building in 2007 for $450,000 that produces $36,000 in net operating income, your cap rate is 8 percent. If you think of the cap...more

Banks Not Required to Capitalize OREO Costs

The Office of the Chief Counsel of the Internal Revenue Service has issued a Legal Memorandum (Number AM2013-001, dated March 1, 2013) (the “Memorandum”), which has important implications and represents a victory for lenders...more

IRS Uncertain Over Tax Treatment Of OREO Costs

The Internal Revenue Service released two internal advice memoranda this week regarding the proper treatment of expenses incurred by banks and other financial institutions in connection with “Other Real Estate Owned” (“OREO”)...more

Assessment Appeals Commission Holds that Personal Property is Valued at Capitalized Cost

The Assessment Appeals Commission (“AAC”) of the Tennessee State Board of Equalization has reversed a 2011 administrative law judge decision, holding that intangible costs (such as freight, installation, engineering costs and...more

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