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Can I Sue If My Spouse Was a Negligent Driver? Understanding Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance in NY

Distracted driving is emerging as one of the greatest dangers on the road today. People who text, check their cellphones, apply makeup, or even adjust the radio are endangering themselves, their passengers, and other...more

Parking Lot Accidents - Who's At Fault?!

We've all been there... Pulling (cautiously and carefully) out of a crowded parking when BAM! that car pops out of nowehere and into your back bumper. If you looked both ways down the row of parked cars before backing out,...more

Florida Court Of Appeals: Insured Who Settled Claim For UM Benefits Still Allowed To Add Bad Faith Claim Against Insurer In The...

Safeco Ins. Co. of Illinois v. Rader, No. 1D13-2659, 2014 WL 660204 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. Feb. 21, 2014). After entry of partial summary judgment on UM claim, insured successfully moved to amend his complaint to add a...more

Getting Compensation When Injured by an Uninsured Driver

In a tough economy, uninsured and underinsured drivers are more common than ever. While the risk of driving uninsured is well-publicized, the real risk lies with those who are injured by drivers who carry minimum coverage or...more

Ontario Government’s Bill 171 Threatens Access to Justice for Personal Injury Plaintiffs

In March of this year, the Ontario Minister of Finance Charles Sousa introduced Bill 171: Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act, 2014. The Bill proposes concerning changes to the process that an injured...more

Does an Auto Accident Claim Cover Accidents Caused by Vehicle Malfunctions?

When a car malfunctions because of negligent maintenance practices on the part of the owner — such as holding off on the replacement of brakes that are clearly starting to fail — and causes an accident, victims can hold the...more

Tennessee Court of Appeals Interprets Exclusionary Clause in Automobile Casualty Insurance Policy

Recently, the Tennessee Court of Appeals issued an opinion involving the interpretation of an exclusionary clause in an automobile casualty insurance company. In the case of Weed v. First Acceptance Insurance Company of...more

“Minor Impact” Myths

A popular defense tactic when someone is injured in an accident with minimal property damage is to argue that there is no way such a “minor impact” could cause the injuries. In many cases now, insurance companies are hiring...more

Why Do I Need A Lawyer If I Have No-Fault Insurance?

In theory, no-fault auto insurance lowers premium costs by reducing the number of claims insurers have to defend in court. Rather than force injured people and their insurance companies to determine liability before...more

Auto Insurance Claims Process Pitfalls

When you pay car insurance premiums, you expect the company to be there for you after an accident. Unfortunately, your insurer may try to minimize your compensation or even deny your claim altogether. Knowing more about the...more

How Insurance Coverage Can Impact Your Recovery

No matter how clear the other party’s fault, your recovery as the victim of an auto accident injury is often functionally limited by the ability of the at-fault party or parties to pay compensation for your damages....more

Florida No-Fault Examination Under Oath Requirement – One of These Policies Is Not Like the Other

Due to changes effective January 1, 2013, the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law now codified the insured’s obligation to submit to an examination under oath (EUO). The newly amended statutory language explicitly states...more

Choosing Insurance Coverage In Florida

Drivers in Florida always seem so carefree. The wind is in their hair, the convertible top is down and the sun is shining. Entertaining thoughts that something could go wrong is the furthest thing from their minds. ...more

What The “Verbal Threshold” In New Jersey Car Accident Insurance Means

An accident in Clifton (Passaic County) in May 2013 that stemmed from a high-speed police chase left a New Jersey police officer seriously injured in a multiple-car pileup. ...more

Rhode Island Insurance Law Update: Rhode Island Supreme Court Voids Contractual Limitations Period in Insurance Policy as Against...

In a case of first impression that has important ramifications for insurers, the Rhode Island Supreme Court held this term that a contractual limitations period contained in an uninsured/underinsured (“UM/UIM”) provision of...more

How to Talk to Your Insurance Company About Your Car Accident

In 2011, 33,000 people were injured in car accidents in Arizona. The minutes, hours and days immediately following an accident can be stressful. If you have been injured in a car accident it is important to speak to a lawyer...more

Williston v Hamilton (Police Service), 2013 ONCA 296

An insurer who refuses to participate in a mediation requested by a plaintiff in respect of a motor vehicle accident claim continues to risk increased exposure to costs. The Ontario Court of Appeal recently repeated that...more

What Kind Of Auto Insurance Do You Have?

Most people discover that they have improper insurance coverage when it is too late....more

Cross-Border Crashes: How Canadian Healthcare Can Affect Your Settlement

Despite the efforts to prevent accidents, crashes with Canadian drivers are still an all too common occurrence in Washington State. To make matters worse, dealing with Canadian insurance companies can be confusing and...more

Do I Need Personal Injury Coverage In My Automobile Insurance?

Yes. Personal injury protection (PIP) is a required feature of automobile insurance in New Jersey. This part of your policy covers you or others persons injured in an auto accident. It can be referred to as your “no-fault”...more

The Importance of Having Sufficient Insurance Coverage

Question: "I drive a truck and a close friend of mine will borrow my truck sometimes for errands, and then I just use his car. We have different vehicle insurance policies. If I was to get in an accident with his vehicle,...more

5th Circuit Holds No Coverage for Trucking Accident

In its recent decision in Canal Indem. Co. v. Rapid Logistics, 2013 U.S. App. LEXIS 3772 (5th Cir. Feb. 22, 2013), the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, applying Texas law, had occasion to consider whether...more

What is NY Doing to Help Prevent Auto Accidents?

The more drivers know about defensive driving, the better they can avoid accidents on busy New York roads. This is why the state requires some drivers to go to driving school when they have too many infractions on their...more

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