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Can An Employer Force Out An Employee For Unpopular Political Views: The Brendan Eich Story

Brendan Eich resigned his post as CEO of Mozilla, a California-based company, in early April after just 14 days on the job. The reason for his sudden departure and short tenure? It became public that in 2008, Eich...more

Chick-fil-A to Land in Trademark Bully Court?

As Chick-fil-A enters the Twin Cities market, it has begun another creative billboard campaign touting the “End of Burgerz — Koming Soon,” with no sign of the “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign, as of yet anyway. Bo Muller-Moore of...more

Chik-Fil-A: Eat More Chikin v. Eat More Kale

If you saw EAT MORE KALE on a t-shirt, would you be confused and think the shirt was affiliated or sponsored by the owner of EAT MORE CHIKIN for clothing? Chik-fil-A thinks so and has brought out the moo team to prove it....more

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