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Do Pets Affect Condominium Prices?

A recent academic study in the US indicates that condominium prices are affected by whether or not pets are permitted or prohibited in the condominium. The researchers came to the conclusion that there was a premium on prices...more

Pig In A Condominiums Leads To Lawsuit

We first reported on the plight of Petey the pig back in March. Petey’s owners were part of a group of New Yorkers who wanted to keep pigs in their units – despite the fact that the city’s health code forbids keeping pigs as...more

Service Animals In No-Pet Condos

Pets in condominiums is a very controversial topic. Some condominiums prohibit pets and other condominiums allow them. ...more

Pigs In Condominiums?!?

We have written numerous times on this blog about pets in condominiums – pet provisions in Declarations, enforcement of pet rules, nuisance pets, numerous pet evictions, and more. We’ve even run a popular seminar titled...more

Pets in Condominiums

While many condominium corporations allow pets in the condominium, pet owners who fail to familiarize themselves with the condominium’s restrictions on pets, or who blatantly ignore these restrictions, do so at the risk of...more

No-Pet Clauses In Rental Condominium Leases

Following on the heels of Heenan Blaikie’s condominium group’s recent seminar “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”, the Toronto Star has weighed in on the always controversial issue of no-pet clauses in leases. ...more

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