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Argument Report: Does Voluntarily Dismissing a Custody Petition Mean You Get Hit With The Psychologist's Fees?

In our detailed summary of the underlying facts and lower court opinions in In re Marriage of Tiballi, we wrote that the question presented was whether a parent who voluntarily dismisses a custody petition can be hit with the...more

Understanding When You Are “In Custody”

Under the Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination, which were famously outlined by the Supreme Court’s Miranda v. Arizona decision, you have the right to remain silent while in custody and the right to have an...more

Can Morality be Enforced?

A “morality clause” in a divorce or custody order, also known in some states as a “paramour provision,” states that a parent who has children present in their home shall not allow someone with whom they are romantically...more

SEC Dings Investment Adviser for Custody Violations, Failure to Supervise

Readers of this space – and SEC observers generally – will recall a March 4 risk alert designed to warn investors about the ways U.S. investment advisers had recently been found to have violated the SEC’s asset custody rule....more

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