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Update: Court Again Rules That Ordinance Prohibiting Insolent Behavior At City Council Meeting Is Unconstitutional

On December 6, 2005, Benito Acosta (“Acosta”) spoke during a public comment period at a Costa Mesa City Council (“City”) meeting. Because of his behavior, he was asked to step down from the podium and leave the chambers. ...more

There is No Coverage for Fighting in Alaska, Seriously

Late last month, the Supreme Court of Alaska affirmed the lower court’s decision in favor of an insurance company that denied coverage to insured, Kent Bearden, for liability in a civil suit filed by the victim of his...more

Appeals Court Rules Giving Middle Finger to Police Officer Shouldn’t Get You Arrested

Giving the middle finger is an “ancient gesture of insult,” but it shouldn’t get you arrested, according to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. The court recently reinstated a civil rights lawsuit filed by a New York man who...more

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