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The Effect of Egypt's Broken Justice System on INTERPOL

The Egyptian justice system continues to suffer from the absence of basic due process, and we continue to see example after example of cases wherein defendants receive no protection from unfair trial proceedings. First, a...more

Warning signs of Red Notice Abuse Based on Private Disputes

In the last post, I addressed the issue of INTERPOL's involvement in financial disputes arising from debts owed by individuals to financial institutions in the UAE. Today, the focus expands to the broader question of how some...more

INTERPOL Red Notices - Update on Bankers' Use of INTERPOL's Tools to Enforce Private Debts

The UAE banking crisis and its inappropriate involvement with INTERPOL Red Notices, which have been addressed here and here in this blog, appears to drag on still. Parag Deulgaonkar reported recently for Emirates 24/7 that...more

INTERPOL Red Notice Removed for Gilberto Jesus Imery Gonzalez

At a time when so many Venezuelans are suffering through political, economic, and social upheaval and violence, it can seem hard to come by good news. Today, however, we do have some very good news. ...more

Bolivian Anti-corruption Chief's Extortion Conviction Shows How INTERPOL Red Notice Abuse Can Arise

Humberto Roca's story may seem unusual to Western minds, but it is all too familiar in the world of INTERPOL abuse. Roca was the owner of a Bolivian airline company called Aerosur Airlines, and as a wealthy business owner...more

Red Notice Newsletter - March 2014

This month on the anticorruption front, a New York court orders two former Siemens executives to pay record civil penalties in a bribery case involving the company’s Argentina business; Canada prosecutes former executives...more

Will a Red Notice Subject be Caught When Traveling? Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Illustrates Why the Answer is Elusive

A good number of Red Notice subjects who seek to remove their notices from INTERPOL's files are legitimate businessmen and women who need to travel to maintain their livelihoods. Many of them find themselves forced to...more

INTERPOL and unresponsive NCB's- what happens when they just don't answer?

A reader recently wrote to ask what happens when an INTERPOL member country's National Central Bureau (NCB) does not respond to INTERPOL's requests for confirmation of information supplied by a Red Notice subject or his...more

INTERPOL's CCF- When Will It Respond to Requests Considered in the January Session?

The CCF (Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files) has completed its first session of the year, wherein its members considered the requests for removal of Red Notices, and likely other notices and diffusions, that were...more

INTERPOL's Need for Reform as Recommended by Fair Trials International

This is the second in a series of posts addressing the current call for INTERPOL's reform. Fair Trials International recently released a report containing its recommendations for change to INTERPOL's current system. ...more

INTERPOL Begins 2014 Facing Calls for Reform from Both Human Rights and Conservative Organizations

As 2013 drew to a close, two very different organizations released their own reports, both of which addressed the need for reform within INTERPOL and its independent review body, the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's...more

Travel as a Red Notice Subject

A reader recently sent in a question about his ability to travel while INTERPOL may have a Red Notice (or other notice) pending in his name, as well as finding out whether he is actually the subject of such a notice....more

INTERPOL and country-to-country Red Notice removal efforts

INTERPOL is an international information sharing agency that allows its 190 member countries to assist one another in the search for wanted persons who are suspected of having fled the jurisdiction of the requesting member...more

Removing an INTERPOL Red Notice - Where to start

A reader recently posed a question that is often the first in a long line of questions that arise when one's life is touched by INTERPOL. The question...more

How long does it take for INTERPOL to answer a request? The CCF's 2012 Annual Report

We're in the middle of a series of posts about issues that are addressed in the 2012 Annual Report of the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF). The question for today is probably the most common of all for...more

INTERPOL and the CCF's 2012 Annual Report- the CCF looks to strengthen its role

(This is the third post in a series about the CCF's 2012 Annual Report) Each year, the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF) submits its annual report at the General Assembly meeting. The report is...more

INTERPOL's CCF wants to evolve- and INTERPOL should support that evolution.

(This is the fourth post in a series about the CCF's Annual Report for 2012) In his speech to the General Assembly last month, the Chairman of the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files raised several issues...more

INTERPOL's CCF: the 2012 Annual Report provides insight to the CCF's decision-making process

The Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's files has just issued its 2012 Annual Report. The report provides information regarding the CCF's activities over the last year. It also includes statistics on the CCF's...more

INTERPOL Red Notice subject Paul Watson back in the U.S.- and Costa Rican authorities still say they have a Red Notice in his name

Paul Watson, founder of a marine wildlife conservation organization called the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has landed in the United States...more

Traveling as a Red Notice Subject - How INTERPOL works with member countries to apprehend fugitives

Last week, Bassama Al Jandaly of gulfnews reported that an alleged Italian mafia head was detained in Duabai based on a Red Notice issued at the request of Italian authorities. The suspect, Amadeo Matacena, is wanted in...more

Update on Egypt's request for a Red Notice in the name of Mahmoud Ezzat- INTERPOL has no comment

In the last post, I addressed the case of Mahmoud Ezzat, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood who is believed to have fled Egypt and is wanted on charges listed as inciting murder and violence. The focus of that post was...more

Red Notice Request from Egypt- How Will INTERPOL Respond?

Egyptian officials have reportedly requested that INTERPOL issue a Red Notice in the name of Mahmoud Ezzat, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Ezzat was, until recently, a professor at Zagazig University Faculty of...more

INTERPOL Red Notice request for removal - how long will it take?

A reader recently sent in a question about INTERPOL's response time for requests for removal of Red Notices, which is commonly asked by Red Notice subjects. That question, in pertinent part, is...more

INTERPOL's upcoming annual meeting & the CCF's annual report

INTERPOL has planned its 82nd General Assembly meeting for next month in Colombia. To get right to the point, out of all the planned events for the meeting, I am most interested in reading about the presentation of the...more

Still a good idea - how INTERPOL can protect itself from its corrupt member countries

This post is an updated version of the original, which was published in July of 2011. How could INTERPOL shield itself from being used as a political weapon against a corrupt country's own people? In a previous post,...more

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