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Judicial Reference, A Forgotten Tool: To avoid common delays in traditional litigation, parties can rely on referees to resolve...

Let’s say you’re a rising star in your firm, and you’re looking for a way to break out of the pack. Your clients are frustrated by the glacial speed with which their case is slogging through the courts. They want your firm to...more

Judicial Reference Provision in Loan Guaranty Held Enforceable

Many of the loan documents we draft or seek to enforce contain an alternative dispute resolution provision requiring that borrower or guarantor disputes be tried by a judicial referee appointed by the Superior Court. This...more

Contract Provision for Judicial Reference May be Enforced Even Though Provision Does Not Specifically State Right to Jury is...

California law provides that parties to a contract may agree to use alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration and judicial reference, to resolve contract disputes. A recent California appellate court...more

Judicial References: A remedy for more efficient dispute resolution

With cash-strapped court systems across the country making cuts that result in ever-growing dockets, achieving efficient dispute resolution through litigation is becoming more challenging. In California, one remedy could be...more

Five Things Every Executive Should Consider When Faced with a Business Dispute

Like many lawyers of my generation, I was inspired by the passion, professionalism and speed television lawyers like Perry Mason brought to delivering justice for their clients. Later, as a young lawyer practicing in Los...more

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