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Sheer Yoga Pants And Over-Stretched Allegations: Court Refuses To Stretch Allegations Of Corporate Mismanagement Into Federal...

A lack of sweaty models trying on yoga pants may be problematic, but does it give rise to securities fraud? Not in the Southern District of New York. In In re lululemon Securities Litigation, decided on April 18, 2014,...more

Leadership Matters: Be Careful What You Say – Just ask Lululemon

“Quite frankly, some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for (Lululemon pants).“ This is an example of what someone should not say to the media – but unfortunately, it was said....more

Trademark Review - Volume 3 | Issue 2 February 2013

In This Issue: - Supreme Court Affirms Dismissal Based on Nike's Broad Covenant Not to Sue - Hershey Cannot Kiss SWISSKISS Chocolates Goodbye - Luulemon's Design Mark is Rejected as Merely...more

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