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General Motors Faulty Ignition Recall Leads to a Number of Fatalities

The federal safety regulators have received more than 260 complaints about General Motors indicating that that the vehicles suddenly turned off while being driven. Many of the complaints detailed frightening events in which...more

Total Recall: The Danger Of Defective Automobiles

While many car accidents are caused by driver error, some are caused by defective automobile parts. Part of the automobile accident claim process is determining the real cause of an accident. Lately there has been no...more

Injured By The Airbag In Your Car

Chrysler recently issued a recall for 919,000 Jeep sport utility vehicles after there were reports of problems with the airbags. Apparently, 215 customers complained that airbags deployed even though no accident occurred....more

Bicycle Recall Warns of Potential Hazards for Riders

When New Yorker think of recalls for defective products, they most often associate them with defects in automobile parts that can lead to serious injury or death. New York products liability lawyers, on the other hand, know...more

Harley-Davidson Recalls Motorcycles Over Brake Light Switch Defect

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is issuing a worldwide recall of more than 300,000 motorcycles because of a defect in the rear brake light switch, according to a news report. ...more

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