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Mineral Matters - Winter 2014

Introduction - Welcome to the latest edition of Minerals Matters and a slightly belated Happy New Year to you all. No doubt as you read this the holiday season seems a long time ago, but hopefully you had the oppor...more

Mining Review -- July 2013: Brazilian Government Introduces New Mining Legislation

After several years of debate, the Brazilian Government tabled in Congress on June 18, 2013 a proposal for a new regulatory framework for its mining sector. This much anticipated initiative contains significant changes to the...more

REGULATORY: Mining and Natural Resources; Oil and Gas Regulatory: Deep Seabed Mining Emerges from the Depths By Jeff Perry

As onshore deposits yield lower-grade ores, the comparatively rich grades that have been prospected in subsea deposits beckon miners with appetites for high risks and rewards. Unlike most terrestrial regions, other than a few...more

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