National Depositor Preference Regimes

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FDIC Finalizes Depositor Preference Rule

On September 10, the FDIC approved a final rule to clarify that deposits in foreign branches of U.S. banks are not insured. The impetus for the rule was the U.K. Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) (formerly the Financial...more

Preferring Foreign Depositors – The Final Rule

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has issued a final rule adopting with virtually no change its proposed approach to depositor preference for deposits payable at foreign offices of US banks. While the rule will...more

UK FSA and US FDIC Concerned Over Effects of National Depositor Preference Regimes

UK and US bank supervisors have recently issued proposals to address the impact of US and other national depositor preference regimes on local depositors. This memorandum summarises these proposals and in particular discusses...more

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