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Brandmarking: Thoughts On The Creation, Protection, And Enforcement Of Brand Identity

In This Issue: - Much Ado About YAHOO! - Lawsuits Can Be Easier to Get Into Than to Get Out Of - Johnny Football, Inc. - Excerpt from Johnny Football, Inc.: It should come as no surprise that...more

Nike and Adidas on the Same Team?

Knowing how Adidas (or should I say, adidas) jealously guards its three stripe design on shoes, and is notorious for protecting against not only three, but two and four stripe buffers as well, my eyes were drawn to this...more

Build Your Brand Dream Team: Just Do It.

Who’s on your Brand Dream Team? The Brand Dream Team are the horsemen of your brand. The brand name, the logo, the two together, and a slogan are the foundation of a strong brand dream team. ...more

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