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Agencies Send OMB Draft Regulations Defining Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

After years of starts and stops, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have drafted a proposed regulation that will significantly affect which waters are subject to regulation under the...more

Yes, Indeed, A Victory For Regulation Over Guidance

EPA’s used its blog today to announce that it and the Army Corps of Engineers have sent to OMB a draft rule clarifying the scope of jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. It appears that EPA has finally given up on its...more

A Victory For Regulation Over Guidance? Are EPA and the Corps Giving Up on Post-Rapanos Wetlands Guidance?

As readers of this blog know, EPA’s use of guidance is a frequent pet peeve of mine. The issue has arisen with particular force in connection with EPA’s efforts to define Clean Water Act jurisdiction following the Supreme...more

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