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New York Court Of Appeal Rules: Laboratory Suable For False Positive Test Results

Last Thursday, the New York Court of Appeals ruled in a 4-3 decision that a man may bring a negligence claim against a drug testing company for a false positive drug test. At the time of the disputed test results, Eric...more

Probation Violations In Florida

Many times a person convicted of a crime is not sent directly to prison but given a “second chance” and instead granted probation by the court. Courts are bound to follow the Florida statute that governs probation, so if...more

BB&K Police Bulletin: Probation Search - “Search Terms” Allow Officers to Search Any Area Under Probationer’s Joint Control

Overview: A California appellate court recently ruled that a peace officer could search any part of a residence over which a probationer with “search terms” as a condition of probation had joint control or access. ...more

OVDP or 50% FBAR Willfulness Penalty; It is Your Choice

The Criminal Tax Division of the U.S. Dept of Justice (DOJ)is taking the position that when a taxpayer has “willfully” failed to file a Report of Foreign Bank or Financial Account, an FBAR, and has in addition filed false...more

Your Best Outcome After Violating Probation

Florida courts often give someone convicted of a crime the probation or community control instead of jail time. Probation is granted with the understanding that the convicted person will abide by the terms and requirements of...more

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