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Teacher’s Comments About The First Lady Land Him In Hot Water

Bob Grisham, an Alabama high school teacher, has been suspended for 10 days without pay as a result of making comments referencing the first lady’s posterior. Grisham’s remarks including referring to the first lady as “fat...more

Disciplining Student Speech As A Threat After Newtown – The Right Choice?

The media coverage of the Sandy Hook school shooting is tapering down, but the lessons for school administrators in its wake are just beginning. One such lesson comes after a California school suspended a high school senior...more

Legislative Update: Assembly Bill 1909 Implemented To Benefit Foster Children

KMTG will be issuing a series of updates on new legislation signed by Governor Brown. All laws become effective January 1, 2013, unless otherwise stated. Assembly Bill 1909 - The primary focus of Assembly Bill...more

Middle School Student Suspended For Hugging Teacher

After his teacher stepped in to break up a fight between himself and another student, Ryan Blackmon, an eighth grade student at Bladenboro Middle School in North Carolina, embraced his teacher and gave her a hug to show his...more

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