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College Savings for Students With Special Needs

Faced with the increasing cost of higher education, students and their families must begin saving for college from an early age -- often from birth. 529 College Savings Plans offer families a great opportunity to set aside...more

What Is a "First-Party" Special Needs Trust and When Is It Useful?

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) can play an important role in preserving the financial security and lifestyle of a person with special needs. A properly drafted SNT allows the individual to benefit from supplemental resources...more

What Is a Pooled Trust and How Does It Protect My Family Member?

Because beneficiaries of programs like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid must be quite poor to qualify, they can lose their benefits when they come into an inheritance, receive money in their own names from an...more

Is Your Special Needs Plan Due for a Tune-Up?

Doctors recommend visiting once every year for a physical, and dentists stress the importance of six-month checkups, but did you know that you should also take the time to review your special needs plan with your attorney at...more

Insight on Estate Planning - Year End 2013

In This Issue: - State death taxes can be hazardous to your estate - Can portability help preserve retirement benefits? - Provide for family members with special needs using an SNT - Estate...more

Who Needs a Supplemental Needs Trust?

If you have a disabled person in your family or under your care, you may be concerned about helping them to maximize their resources and enhance their quality of life. A supplemental needs trust might be just the ticket....more

The Devil in the Details: Drafting Your Will, Part II

We took an initial look at the considerations you must make when putting your will together in The Devil in the Details, Part I. Here are some more items you must think about: - Plan for your beneficiaries future...more

The Importance of Special Needs Trusts

The San Francisco Chronicle recently featured an excerpt of an article called “Onslaught of Autism: A Mom’s Crusade Could Help Unravel Scientific Mystery.” The full article by Jane Kay was published in the Environmental...more

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