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Post-Election Immigration Reform

President Obama mentioned comprehensive immigration reform as a priority in his acceptance speech. The President has pledged to act quickly on the issue of reform, with the expectation that “…we get [an immigration] bill...more

Immigration Legislation in 2013

The recent Presidential election stressed the importance of the minority community, especially the Latino voters, in influencing the outcome of the election. The Latino community comprises approximately 10 percent of the...more

Capital Thinking Update - December 3, 2012

General Legislative - On Monday, December 3, the House will meet at noon for morning hour and at 2:00 for legislative business. No votes are expected in the House. Legislation under consideration will include H.R. 5817...more

What is the Future of Workplace Legislation in the New 113th Congress? Part One: Immigration Reform

With the national elections resulting in a continuation of divided government in Washington, will the new Congress remain mired in the gridlock that has been the hallmark of recent years? What are the chances for labor and...more

This Week in Washington - November 30, 2012

In This Issue: - DOMESTIC POLICY MATTERS - The Fiscal Cliff Debate. High-level negotiations surrounding the so-called "fiscal cliff" continued this week. On Wednesday, Congressional Republicans and President...more

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