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Evaluating The Terry Stop — Is Stop And Frisk Legal?

You are standing on a corner or walking along a street minding your own business. Does a police officer have the right to stop you or search you without a warrant? ...more

Stop-And-Frisk Judge Removed, Fights Back [Video]

Nov. 7 (Bloomberg Law) -- Last month a federal appellate court panel put a hold on changes to the New York Police Department's stop-and-frisk practices and created a controversy by removing Judge Shira Scheindlin who had...more

Stop-And-Frisk Law In Florida

Pressure on law enforcement to get tough on crime in New York City has resulted in a decision to stem abuse of that city’s controversial stop-and-frisk laws. A federal court recently held that the practice of routinely...more

Losing the Right to Cross-Examine: Anonymous Tips and Trials

Serious controversy surrounds a police officer’s right to stop, question and search a suspect based on an anonymous tip. Unless the officer observes dangerous and disruptive behavior that warrants detention, a criminal...more

Close Encounters With Law Enforcement

Police reports often describe an officer’s initial contact with a citizen as a consensual encounter. And these so-called consensual encounters sometimes result in searches of the person or car and ultimately in arrests....more

Federal Judge Rejects NYPD’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policies

In a decision issued today that could potentially change the way police operate in the Big Apple, U.S. District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin (S.D.N.Y.) ruled that, for years, New York City police officers have been...more

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