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Bankruptcy Courts Fail to Enlighten on Electricity as Goods or Services

Is electricity goods or services? That seemingly simple yet confounding question is illustrated by three recent bankruptcy cases (all of which consider whether an electricity provider is entitled to an administrative expense...more

Know Thy Product: Are You Transacting In "Goods" Under The Uniform Commercial Code?

Recent decisions from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and the Connecticut Appellate Court revisit a familiar yet sometimes perplexing question: Am I transacting in "goods" under the...more

In Addition To Natural Gas Providers And Water Providers, Bankruptcy Courts Are Now Allowing Electricity Providers To Claim...

Recent case law may allow electricity providers to benefit from a payment priority for the value of electricity provided to a bankrupt debtor during the twenty (20) days preceding the date of the debtor’s bankruptcy filing...more

Montana Bankruptcy Court Confirms Electricity Is a “Good” Under the Bankruptcy Code

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Montana in connection with In re Southern Montana Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, Inc. held that electricity was a “good” for purposes of section...more

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