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Marketing an International Law Firm Network (Post 3 of 3)

[This is the third and final part of a three-part post regarding how to market an international law or accounting firm network. The first post discussed how (a) the firms’ member contacts can market themselves within the...more

5 Ways to Create Law Firm Link Bait

Building links to a website is where lawyers can get the best return on their time and/or money. You can only submit to so many directories before a different strategy is in order. Here are 5 tips lawyers can use to bring...more

Tips for Finding a Good Law Firm Web Design Firm

Having a website designed and built is a lot like building a home. There is more than one way to accomplish the project and many people claim they can do it well. It used to be that lawyers did not have to put a lot of...more

“Look and Feel” of a Website can Constitute Protectable Trade Dress

The United States District Court for the Northern District of California, in Ingrid & Isabel, LLC v. Baby Be Mine, LLC, --- F. Supp. 3d ----, 2014 WL 4954656 (N.D. Cal. 2014), in reviewing the arguments before it, attempted...more

The MOST-Important Question to Ask Before Updating Your Website is…

I read a lengthy online discussion detailing dozens of interview questions to ask a potential website developer. As expected, the questions focused on Design issues like font and layout, or Technical issues like platform and...more

The New ADA Design and Construction Issue: Website Accessibility

- The DOJ has indicated that it plans on issuing a separate regulation to address website accessibility. However, no official action has been taken since it first sought comments on its proposal for addressing website...more

Knowing what your visitors really want – an introduction to heatmaps and scrollmaps

A number of tools are available to show you how your users interact with your law firm’s website. This data can show you what’s working, but it’s not there to affirm that you are doing things right. The real value of knowing...more

Trade Dress Can Be Viable Means of Protecting Websites from Competitor’s Look-Alike Sites

Somewhere between a well-recognized website design like Google’s home page and a fledgling e-commerce venture built with free web building software lives most other websites. Depending on the investment in the development and...more

Here’s Proof That Marketing is More Important than Technology.

You meet someone at a party or conference and she seems smart and skilled. So you get her card and do the next thing people do, you visit her firm’s website. Then you see this home page.... Does she still seem as...more

Fostering Good Marketing – Jones Foster.

Jones Foster Johnston & Stubbs is a high-quality, old-line West Palm Beach, Florida law firm — 35 great lawyers and a relatively conservative and wealthy target audience. As we discussed previously in our “Name-based...more

Great Website Design Isn’t PRETTY. It’s EFFECTIVE.

What’s nice about eye-track testing is that it shows precisely what grabs your viewers’ attention, what they see, in what order, and how long they linger at each point....more

Here’s EXACTLY what people look at on your website.

Which website design works better? We’re using some pretty amazing technology to (1) help select the most effective campaign, (2) ensure that viewers focus on our message, and (3) optimize the design and layout. ...more

Responsive Design for Law Firm Websites – 10 Questions Answered (part 1)

Responsive Design for Law Firm Websites – 10 Questions Answered (part 1) It’s been a few months since I spoke at the 2013 Legal Marketing Association conference in Las Vegas. My talk was about the new mobile website...more

What’s the Best Website Design for Lawyers?

I’m so fed up with lawyers investing thousands and thousands of dollars in websites that simply suck. So I decided to work with one of our Family Business Lawyers directly on the re-design and launch of his website....more

Does Your Business Have A Website? Get Ready For New ADA Regulations

Courts have wrestled for several years with how to apply the ADA’s public accommodation requirements to online businesses or online aspects of businesses (USA Today published an article and quoted me on the issue available at...more

Onsite SEO Tip #11 - Local SEO Optimization for Lawyers [Video]

This video is how to optimize your website for local search for lawyers. It discusses 6 ways to improve local SEO for attorneys: 1. Add Geographic Keyword Pages 2. Use Geographic Keywords for Title Tags & Meta...more

How creating a website forces you to focus on your business goals

So you know you need a website, or that the old one you have isn’t serving you well. Sometimes, if you’re an established business with a certain type of momentum, the thought can be paralyzing. This is a guest post by...more

3 Mistakes Lawyers Make When Upgrading Their Website

A new website for your law firm can be incredibly powerful. It can help promote your business and land you need clients. However, there are three things every attorney should avoid when upgrading their website....more

Onsite SEO Tip #5 - SEO Friendly URLs for Lawyers [Video]

This video is how to create SEO friendly URLs for attorneys. It discusses how to find a keyword based URL, which URLs to obtain and avoid, best and worst URL structures and more. It will show you how to edit your permalinks...more

Designing for Privacy & Web Success

Originally published in Website Magazine, on January 18, 2013. It is a safe prediction for 2013 that public awareness of websites’ data privacy issues will continue to increase. In the last few years, popular websites,...more

JDB 008: No More Gavels! No More Scales of Justice! Website Design for Lawyers with Cynthia LaLuna

Nothing says “law firm website” like a gavel or good ol’ Lady Justice and her scales of justice! In today’s podcast episode we explore the topic of website design and how it can have a direct impact on your bottom line....more

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