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INTERPOL denies Russia’s Red Notice request for William Browder

The CCF’s Decision - According to a press release issued by the William Browder camp today, INTERPOL has decided -again- to reject Russia’s request to list him as a wanted suspect in INTERPOL’s databases. This means...more

Russia requests that INTERPOL issue a Red Notice for William Browder again

Russia's preoccupation with obtaining a Red Notice against William Browder continues. I first addressed this issue here. For those who haven't followed the case, William Browder is the chief executive officer and co-founder...more

INTERPOL's latest decision on William Browder- no Red Notice

The issue of Russia's request for INTERPOL's help in locating William Browder was previously covered here. Mr. Browder sought the removal of his data from INTERPOL's files, and his request was granted. Since that time,...more

INTERPOL's decision to remove William Browder's data from its files - what's usual about it, and what's not

Last week, INTERPOL immediately announced its decision to remove investment banker William Browder from its databases, thereby denying Russia's request to keep Browder's information in circulation between its 190 member...more

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