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Brussels Regulatory Brief: March 2023

Antitrust and Competition - Global Dawn Raids Signal Increased Antitrust Enforcement to Uncover Potential Cartel Behavior in the Fragrance Industry  - On 7 March 2023, the European Commission (Commission), the United Kingdom’s… more

Washington's Capital Gains Tax Upheld

On Friday, 24 March 2023, the Washington Supreme Court upheld the state’s capital gains tax (the WA CGT) in a 7–2 decision, bringing an end to months of uncertainty as a suit to challenge the new tax worked its way through the state’s… more


2023年3月21日(星期二),美国商务部发布一则关于《芯片与科学法》所含护栏条款的拟议规则通知。作为拟议规则的组成部分,美国商务部发布了“受关注外国实体”和由受关注国家“拥有、控制、管辖或指挥”的定义,这两个术语曾出现在过去两年颁发的四部独立制定法中,即:《2021财年国防授权法》、《基础设施投资和就业法》、《芯片与科学法》和《降低通胀法》。根据美国商务部所拟定义,任何实体——包括总部位于美国的实体或注册在美国的实体——如其25%及以上表决权益直接或间接为中国人或… more

UK: Updated Green Finance Strategy 2023

The government's updated net-zero Green Finance Strategy was published on 30 March 2023. We set out below the key elements of the updated Strategy which focuses on the need for green investment and on opportunities for the UK’s… more

Michigan Re-Institutes Prevailing Wage Law

Michigan has reinstated its prevailing wage law, which requires the payment of wages to employees working on state-funded projects at the “prevailing wage in the locality.” This requirement was previously in place from 1965 to 2018… more

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