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Trials Are About Truth; Consent Decrees Are About Pragmatism

I recently wrote about Judge Rakoff’s refusal to enter the SEC’s proposed consent decree in SEC v. Citigroup Global Markets, Inc., 827 F. Supp. 2d 328 (SDNY 2011) – and the shift in SEC enforcement policy that it prompted. ...more

Franchise E-Review: September 2012 - Franchising in Ontario

In This Issue: Settlement Agreements: Steps to Protect Enforceability; In or Out? A Bold Re-Opening of the Opt-Out Period in a Franchise Class Action; What Happens When an Ontario Franchise Disclosure Document is...more

Franchise Review - May 2012: Other Legislation

In a perfect world, a sincere apology could help resolve a dispute quickly, restoring the good working relationship between franchisor and franchisee without litigation. But when your apology is not accepted and you end up...more

Action Based on 7-Eleven’s Payroll System Fails, Court of Appeal Rules

In Aleksick v. 7-Eleven, Plaintiff Aleksick represented a class claiming that 7-Eleven’s payroll system violated California Business and Professional Code 17200. The complaint alleged that 7-Eleven’s method of converting...more

Sutherland Salt Shaker - April 2012

In This Issue 2 SALT Pet of the Month; 5 Professor Hellerstein’s Office Hours; 9 California Screaming; and 9 Policy Wonk. Sub Articles: A Swing and a Miss: Maryland Court Defines “Final” for Purposes of Statute of...more

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