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Federal Regulatory Agenda Update - June 2014

Federal regulatory activity is at an all-time high, with more than 3,700 regulations in just the past year. This has caused the Code of Federal Regulations to grow to 238 volumes with nearly 175,000 pages – 4,000 of which...more

Appellate Division Rules BPU Did Not Have Exclusive Primary Jurisdiction Over Negligence Claims

Appellate Division Rules BPU Did Not Have Exclusive Primary Jurisdiction Over Negligence Claims by Dennis C. Linken on July 19, 2013 The doctrine of primary jurisdiction, pursuant to which courts defer to administrative...more

Legislative Update Report No. 2013-01 -- Jan 11, 2013

In This Issue: Federal Government; Alberta; British Columbia; Manitoba; New Brunswick; Newfoundland; Northwest Territories; Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Québec/Quebec; Saskatchewan; and Yukon....more

Leaked New York Department of Health Report: Hydraulic Fracturing Can Be Safely Conducted

A previously confidential New York state agency report analyzing the human health impact of high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) operations released to a limited number of media outlets last Thursday concludes that HVHF...more

The Imminent Wave of Federal Regulations

President Obama’s second term promises to be among the most intense periods of regulatory activity since the late 1970s. The major focal points for new rules will be three of the country’s largest industries: health care,...more

2011-2012 Massachusetts Legislative Session

The formal legislative session for 2011-2012 concluded on July 31st. The session was defined by landmark legislation in healthcare cost containment, economic development, energy, and consumer protection. The Legislature will...more

Hydraulic Fracturing: A Future Source of Silicosis Claims?

In April 2012, Eric Esswein, an industrial hygienist from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, made a statement at a conference sponsored by the Institute of Medicine that was guaranteed to attract the...more

Patton Boggs Insights - January 2012 - Regulatory Agencies: MSHA Reinstates Conferences

MSHA has resumed a practice it abandoned nearly four years ago to grant operators the opportunity to meet with enforcement personnel in pre-assessment safety and health conferences to discuss contested citations and/or...more

Capital Thinking Updates - January 23, 2012

In This Issue: - General Legislative - Budget, Appropriations - Education - Energy - Environment - Financial Services - Health Care - International, Defense, Homeland Security - Tax - TechComm -...more

Is Massachusetts the NIMBY Capital of the World? What Will Be the Impact of the Wind Turbine Health Impact Study?

Yesterday, the “Independent Expert Panel” convened by MassDEP to review whether wind turbines cause any adverse health effects issued its report. I was pleased that the headline in the Boston Globe was that “Wind turbines...more

Green Building Update - August 17, 2011

In This Issue: Court dismisses lawsuit against USGBC; GREEN BUILDING FOCUS - The legacy of a green pioneer; PepsiCo executive values LEED; $450M LEED community to replace power plant; Orange County USGBC proposes green...more

Capitol View: A Publication Of Venable's Legislative And Government Affairs Practice Group - January 2011

Introduction The 112th Congress has been sworn in, committees are finalizing their rosters and laying out their agendas, and 106 new members are slowly getting adjusted to their new lives on Capitol Hill. With 87 of...more

New EPA reporting deadlines coming up By Mary Ellen Ternes

Have you determined whether or not your hospital or medical care facility needs to report greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to EPA's October 30, 2009, mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting rule? Have you heard...more

Regulatory Trends under the Obama Administration – Year One

During its first year in office, the Obama Administration has moved aggressively to adopt new regulatory initiatives and to enforce existing laws and rules. The level of activity will increase in 2010, as more Administration...more

Comments Of The Electronic Privacy Information Center (et al., ) To The National Institute of Standards and Technology on Docket...

EPIC, Coalition and Experts Champion Privacy Safeguards for Smart Grid Data EPIC, members of the Privacy Coalition, and privacy and security experts urged a federal agency to establish safeguards for Smart Grid systems...more

Attorney General: Emergency state regulations preempt local AOSS ordinances

On November 9, 2009, Virginia Attorney General Bill Mims issued an official opinion stating that the State Board of Health’s adoption of emergency regulations would trigger preemption of local government regulations of...more

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