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PA Tax Law News - February 2013

In This Issue: PA Governor Proposes Corporate Tax Cuts; Add-Back Legislation Reintroduced; PA Supreme Court Issues Business/Nonbusiness Income Decision; Philadelphia Property Reassessments; Commonwealth Court Addresses...more

Licensed to Bill: Sub-Metering in Condominiums

The famous Thomas Edison once said “I shall make electricity so cheap that only the rich can afford to burn candles”. While we are still very far away from seeing Mr. Edison’s statement come to fruition, the provincial...more

Viva La Electric Vehicle

The electric vehicle (“EV”) revolution has officially been launched and condominium developers have taken note. Many developers have recognized the invasion of the EV and the impacts this may have on the marketability of a...more

Phase-Out of Incandescent Light Bulbs Postponed

In 2007, the Canadian federal government announced that starting in January, 2012, incandescent light bulbs would be phased out in order to reduce energy consumption. Just recently, the government proposed an amendment to the...more

Strong Points Summer 2011

We proudly announce that we are the "Best of the Woodlands 2011" 1st Place Winner for Best Law Firm !!! In this edition: Latest News: The latest in activities of the firm in the news and our community. Oil...more

PA Tax Law News- May 2011

IN THIS ISSUE:Payment For Use Of Coin-Operated Air Vending Machine Not Subject To Sales Tax; Recent Real Estate Tax Decisions; Real Estate Assessment Deadlines Approaching; PA TAX TIPS - Sales & Use Tax Exclusions;...more

Gas & Oil Addendum

All, I am in the business of facilitating Gas & Oil negotiations, lease and addendum drafting and litigation. As my G&O practice grows each day, along with the industry itself, I find myself always increasing the protective...more

Managing the Risks Involved in Building Green Projects

"Green" building projects are now becoming the norm. Only a few years ago green buildings appeared to be a market trend, but countless projects are now focusing on environmentally friendly design and construction. How can...more

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