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Legal Alert: NAIC Report: Fall 2013 National Meeting

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) returned to Washington, D.C. for its Fall meeting – the final national meeting for 2013. Two notable events overshadowed technical work on various NAIC initiatives: ...more

An Untapped Market: China’s Aging Population and the Senior Housing Opportunity

Until recently, the notion of a senior housing market in China was nothing more than fantasy. Tradition held that elder care was primarily the province of the family, as children were responsible for supporting and assisting...more

Regulations Affect Health Insurance Exchange Navigators, Mortgage Servicers

At both the federal and state levels, 2013 is proving to be a year of significant activity and regulatory changes for the insurance industry. Originally Published in TortSource - Summer 2013....more

Summary Of HUD’s LEAN 232 Program E-Mail Blast: Office Of Residential Care Facilities (ORCF), June 26, 2013

In an effort to summarize the highlights of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) LEAN E-mail Blasts that we receive, and rarely have time to review in a timely fashion, we at Pepper are providing this...more

Infobytes - A Weekly In-depth review of news & developments in the financial services industry - January 18, 2013


False Claims Act Focus - December 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE - Recent reports from the Department of Justice that it collected a record $4.9 billion under the False Claims Act in fiscal year 2012 only underscore what we’ve been seeing in our practice and elsewhere...more

Seattle Plays Active Role In Reinvention of an Industry: Shaken by real estate downturn, senior living providers join forces, add...

Originally published in the Puget Sound Business Journal - September 14-20, 2012. Senior housing providers saw the Great Recession transform their business -- from one that welcomes customers who want what they offer,...more

Legal Update - March 2012

In This Issue: - SEC Issues Final Rules to Implement Changes in Accredited Investor Definition - Florida Legislature Enacts Last-Minute Extension of the Distressed Condominium Relief Act - Agencies Issue Final Rule...more

December 20, 2011 - The Federal Crimes Watch Daily

The Federal Crimes Watch Daily is a daily newspaper that discusses current federal criminal issues written by a federal criminal defense attorney....more

Newsletter-China Senior Housing and Care

We’ve been inquired by senior housing and care investors about the legal issues on land price, admission fees, loans, tax policies, exit possibilities, among others—all trying to reach the ultimate goal of every business:...more

China Commercial Real Estate and Senior Housing & Care Insight

Welcome to the latest edition of China Commercial Real Estate Insight. A very busy season in real estate transaction despite the world is fighting another round of economic turmoil. China is still a booming market for real...more

Innovators Expand Senior Housing Even in a Downturn

Face it: We're getting old. Not just me - the whole country. Since America's first census in 1790, when less than 2 percent of our population was 65 and up, the 65-plus age group has swelled to a 13 percent share. By 2030,...more

Seniors’ Housing Legal News Alert - November 2009

The Industry Today As the economy begins to shift gears from dismal to slightly improved, the seniors’ housing industry sees some reason for hope. Senior housing valuations may have decreased 20-25% from peak to trough,...more

Green Building Update - November 6, 2009

IN THIS ISSUE: *National Center for Healthy Housing -- green homes may improve health *Green Building Focus ..Report: Green retrofit market to hit $15B by 2014 ..Report: 25 LEED buildings in Chicago ..CBRE Green...more

Seniors’ Housing Legal News Alert - July 2009

The Industry Today It seems as if the economy has bottomed out and the “recession” or whatever you want to call our economic situation over the past 2 years may soon be behind us. But we will probably be faced with slow...more

Seniors' Housing Legal News Alert - April 2009

The Industry Today The U.S. economy is barely purring, in a credit crunch, undergoing economic contraction, and continues to shed jobs. Notwithstanding all of the “pessimism porn” – titillatingly bleak media reports on the...more

Seniors' Housing Legal News Alert - February 2009

The Industry Today The economic environment is deteriorating at a rapid and accelerating pace, and the seniors’ housing and care industry has not been immune but has been holding up fairly well. Acquisition prices have...more

Seniors’ Housing Legal News Alert

The Industry Today The nation is hemorrhaging jobs, the value of the family home has plunged, retirement plans are shrinking like ice cubes on a hot stove, and economists are telling us that we have been in a recession...more

Seniors’ Housing Legal News Alert - November 2008

The Industry Today The U.S. is in fear of a deep recession, the stock market is tanking, home prices are plummeting, unemployment is rising, retail sales are tumbling, demand for commodities is sinking, bank earnings keep...more

Seniors’ Housing Legal News Alert - August 2008

The Industry Today The seniors’ housing deal factory that churned out record numbers over the past 3 years hasn’t shut down completely, but financing terms have become increasingly difficult as lenders and investors alike...more

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