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Two Basic Estate Planning Documents That Everyone Should Have

Two estate planning documents that everyone should have, which can be effective any time during your lifetime, not just after death....more

IRS Denies Requests for Missing Children Information

At times, crucial information that could lead to the whereabouts of missing children may be in the hands of the IRS. For example, in a case where a couple is estranged from one another, one parent may take a child away the...more

Transferring Your Family Business to Your Children

Transferring a family business to the next generation can provide a family a wonderful way to keep the business in the family. But the tax consequences can be catastrophic unless steps are taken to minimize, or avoid, the...more

Two Basic Estate Planning Documents

Everyone should consider having, at the very least, two (2) basic estate planning documents. Here's why.....more

Three Compelling Reasons to Establish Your Estate Plan

There are at least three good reasons to establish your estate plan now. Here they are.....more

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