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Illinois lawmakers considering change to workers’ compensation for paramedics

As emergency medical service providers, paramedics in Illinois face numerous hazards in the workplace on a daily basis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2011, the most recent year that...more

Weekly Update from the NC State House - July 2014: The Senate was busy this week with the Rules committee meeting Tuesday,...

This Week - The Senate was busy this week with the Rules committee meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings to push last minute legislative priorities through the chamber as lawmakers continue to creep towards...more

Executive Briefing

In its decision on Templemire v. W&M Welding, Inc., the Missouri Supreme Court imposed a minimalist “contributing factor” causation standard on workers’ compensation retaliation claims. The decision overrules two precedents,...more

SuperVision Today - February 2014

Notes from the Chair and Executive Editor - The year 2014 marks Spilman Thomas & Battle's 150th anniversary. While we pause to reflect on our first 150 years, we are also looking forward to how we will create our next...more

Health Alert (Australia) - 20 January 2014

In This Issue: Judgments, Legislation, and Reports. - Excerpt from Judgments: Commonwealth - 15 January 2014 - Short v Ambulance Victoria [2014] FCA 3 - The applicant's employment as a...more

Appellate Court Notes - Week of December 23

AC34963 - Compassionate Care, Inc. v. Travelers Indemnity Co. - The plaintiff was in the business of maintaining a list of nurses it referred out, as needed, to hospitals and nursing homes. It did background checks on...more

Labor & Employment E-Note - October 10, 2013

In This Issue: - High Court Takes on Number of Workplace Dispute Cases - Government Shutdown Creates Delays at Labor Department, NLRB - E-Verify Suspension Leaves Employers Concerned Over Hiring - Judge Again...more

California Legislative Committees Considering Insurance Bills

Numerous insurance-related bills have been introduced in the California Legislature this year. Legislative committees are now conducting hearings on the various measures. This year’s regular legislative session will end on...more

Another Health Insurance/Disability Insurance Coverage Issue

I recently blogged about an employer who continued health insurance coverage for an employee on short term disability in contravention of the health plan document. The employer lost its stop-loss coverage for health claims...more

Southeastern Legislative Updates - August 2012

In This Issue: - Alabama Employment-Related Legislation - Mississippi Employment-Related Legislation - North Carolina Employment-Related Legislation - Tennessee Employment-Related Legislation - Washington, D.C....more

The Impact of State Laws Limiting Malpractice Awards on the Geographic Distribution of Physicians

This study examines the impact of State legislation that caps damage awards in malpractice cases on decisions of physicians about where to practice medicine. Twenty-four States now have laws that limit damage payments in...more

SEIU WEST, Locals 333 and 299 and Laura Marchessault and Extendicare (Canada) Ltd.

Arbitration Award

Award concerning the interpretation of collective agreement clause providing up to one year of top-up to 100% of salary of Worker's Compensation benefits ought to be limited to one calendar year, or one year of total...more

If I Suggest A Referral Doctor’s Name To My Current Doctor Does That Break The Chain Of Referral?

Under the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act, if there is no “Preferred Provider Program” in place with your employer, then you are entitled to two choices of doctor. What this really means is that you are entitled to have...more

Nurses and Attendants at Risk for Low Back Injuries

Back injuries, followed closely by shoulder injuries, are the most common job-related injuries for my clients in the nursing field. Nurses, and those employed as nursing attendants are at high risk for these injuries...more

China's Social Security Implementing Rules Are In Force - What's Next

Regulations requiring foreign workers in China to enroll in its social security system are now in effect but the situation is complicated by differing levels of compliance and enforcement by local authorities. In cities that...more

The Company is sending me to their doctor! Do I have to go?!

The short answer in Illinois is yes. Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, the Employee has the right to treat with a doctor of their choice. However, the Employer can have the injured worker evaluated by a doctor...more

EEOC Finalizes Updates To Disability Regulations In Response to ADA Amendments Act

Employers should review and update their existing employment and employee benefit practices in response to updated regulations (Final Regulations) governing the disability discrimination rules of the Americans With...more

Workplace First Aid - Resonsibility or Liability?

OSHA requirements regarding first aid, and analysis of reasons a company should use to decide whether or not to have trained first aid providers....more

The First Steps You Need to Take When you Suffer an Injury At Work

If you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to benefits, including medical care, under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. However, in order to establish that you have a valid workers’ compensation claim there...more

Case Study: Bilateral CTS and Workers’ Compensation

Repetitive motion injuries Repetitive motion injuries result from the repeating tasks required by certain jobs. It is also referred to as RSI or Repetitive Strain Injuries or Repetitive Stress Injuries and involves the...more

Help! My FCE Is Invalid

The FCE (functional capacity evaluation) often serves to let the physician off the hook on trying to please both his patient and the insurer on the issue of work release restrictions. The insurer may be pressuring the doctor...more

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Covered?

While there are no recent statistics, I know from my experience that the majority of claims filed by injured workers in Nevada for carpal tunnel syndrome are initially denied. Carpal tunnel syndrome presents as numbness,...more

5 Secrets to Overcoming the Drag Factor has coined the term drag factor for a person, issue, or process that delays a key decision. More injured workers cite the drag factor and their frustration caused by unnecessary or excessive delay in getting...more

Study: Job Stress Strongly Associated With Obesity, Illness

In this recession, everyone knows how easy it is to get laid off, and how hard it is to find another job. The economy has pushed workplace stress levels to their highest level in decades. Now, workers' compensation,...more

Health Insurance v. Workers' Comp Claim

An injured worker asks, "Is it wrong for my employer to urge me to use my health insurance to get medical treatment for my back that was hurt at work instead of me filing a workers' comp claim?" Yes, it is absolutely wrong...more

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