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The Origin and Operation of the Famous 70% Rule Explained

The 70% rule derives from the 1979 FTC Amway decision in which an administrative law judge recognized that Amway’s 70% rule helped prevent inventory loading (it is not a retailing rule). Basically, the Amway rule provided: at...more

Amway’s Lessons in China: How to Weather the Compliance Storm

One of the questions often presented to the compliance practitioner is what to do in a foreign culture to make your program relevant and, more importantly, followed. Even if you have a well-established compliance program in...more

A View of the MLM Industry: Past, Present and Future – Interview with Jeff Babener

This article is the companion article to the video: A View of the Direct Selling Industry: Past, Present and Future, in which MLM Attorney, Jeffrey Babener, discusses the past, present and future of the direct selling...more

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