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The SEC’s New AQM: Better Financial Reporting For Investors

Since the announcement of the Financial Fraud Task Force and the Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics last year many have expected an uptick in the number of financial fraud actions. While those actions were once a key...more

Levick Monthly - The Tech Industry’s NSA Campaign: Trickier Than It Seems - January 2014

In This Issue: - Cover Story - The Tech Industry's NSA Campaign: Trickier Than It Seems - Crisis & Reputation - Buckyballs: Stones Enought to Fight Back - Digital Engagement - Hack Attack? -- Preparing for a...more

The SEC’s Financial Fraud And Accounting Task Force

The SEC likes to reorganize, refocus and reenergize. In the last ten years, the SEC has continued to reinvent itself. Whether it has been effective or not, is still up for questioning....more

Robocop On The Beat: What The SEC’s New Financial Reporting And AQM Initiative May Mean For Public Companies

Since her confirmation as Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“the SEC”), Mary Jo White has made clear that her administration will focus on identifying and investigating accounting abuses at publicly traded...more

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