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Rethinking Blogs

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about blogs – a topic sure to inspire guffaws from a generation older than mine and a word that is quickly becoming dated to a generation younger than me. Blogs began as...more

Ideal Length for Everything: Research Backed

Let me start out by saying I was wrong — I’ve been wrong about things before. The new research coming out from on this post shows that we may be writing blog posts that aren’t quite long enough....more

How a Lawyer Can Start a Successful LinkedIn Group (Part 1 of 3)

While much has been written about how lawyers can have successful blogs, including two recent articles by us at Knapp (see Law Blog Best Practices and Five Ways Lawyers Screw up their Blogs), the truth is that some lawyers...more

Does active blogging really help your website?

We recently conducted a study to see if blogging really impacted search engine rankings. We searched for highly-competitive terms in some of the America’s largest cities and reviewed the top three natural rankings. Aside from...more

Guest Posting and Legal SEO

Attorneys are always in the networking business; a good referral is worth more than any advertising campaign, and making the right connections can make or break a firm. ...more

Four must-haves for your next law firm website.

Web consultants will agree on several basics that should be part of every new law firm website initiative. These include the following: a design that inspires users, a user experience that is intuitive, an architecture that...more

Five Ways Lawyers Screw up Their Blogs (hat tip to Law360)

I was pleased to get a call last week from Erin Coe at Law360 as she worked on an article about five ways lawyers screw up their blogs. (You can find the whole piece here, but it does require a subscription to access.) My...more

Survey: Firms With Blogs Grow Revenue Faster [Video]

June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin O'Keefe, founder of the social media company LexBlog, talks with Sarah Kopit about who's blogging in the AmLaw 200 law firms and how those firms are turning blogs into revenue. Source: Bloomberg...more

Can I Get a Courtesy Read?

There is a lot of talk about blogs in the legal world. I'd estimate that blogs and Linked In are the two most talked about Internet marketing channels. I bet if you took some time to look around that you'd find a half dozen...more

Increase your influence beyond your own blog

Having a regularly updated website and attorney blog are both important factors in any search marketing campaign. In addition to the basic SEO value of well-written content, frequent posting helps to establish trust with...more

Social Media Use by In-House Counsel at All-Time High

A study released on Thursday by Greentarget, Zeughauser Group and Inside Counsel has shone a bright light on a topic that has seemed somewhat mysterious: How do general counsel really use social media—or do they really use it...more

2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

Mark 2013 as the year it became hard to find lawyers not using new media tools. The 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey offers ample evidence that social media tools have gone mainstream. As LinkedIn, blogs, and...more

How GCs Use Social Media to Hire Law Firms [Video]

April 18 (Bloomberg Law) -- A new survey from public relations firm Greentarget finds that in-house counsel are frequently using LinkedIn and lawyer blogs to determine who they will hire, John Corey, founding partner at...more

JDB 018: Stand Out from the Crowd – Internet Branding for Lawyers with ABA Author Jeff Lantz

On today’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I interview entrepreneur and ABA author Jeff Lantz. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Esquire Interactive a company dedicated to helping attorneys market their law practice. Prior to...more

Is It Ok to Show a Little Personality in Your Blog Posts?

I understand. I really do. You want to show your readers that you are the “go to” lawyer in your field. You also want to come across as a “professional.” But, I think your potential clients want more than that. Unless it is...more

Is Your Blog “Reader” Friendly?

Last week I went to the Kevin O’Keefe’s LexBlog website and looked at the Top 10 in Law Blogs: LXBN March 12, 2013. I started reading the top blogs, not for their content, but simply to see how easy they were to read by an...more

Expand Your Influence, Comment on a Blog

What’s the fastest means of sharing your point of view effectively? Certainly not traditional bylined articles, reporter interviews and whitepapers. They’re plenty effective, but inhibited by time-consuming editorial...more

6 ways to build your blog readership

Lawyers blog for a variety of reasons, marketing often being chief among them. Blogging and other online social activity can be both rewarding and frustrating. Every regular blogger has wondered if there is really anyone out...more

Legal Business Development: 12 Things You Should Know

How can you differentiate yourself from the more than six million lawyers on the planet? Demonstrate your expertise. Since it's not likely that large numbers of potential clients will see you in court or at the negotiation...more

12 Things You Should Know Before Your Next Blog Post

1. Who is your intended reader? 2. Is your intended reader a businessman or a lawyer? 3. Why will your reader care about this post? 4. What else has been written on your blog topic recently? 5. What do you want your...more

Blogging for Lawyers – Finding Time to Write

No time. This is the number one reason that lawyers either don’t keep up on their blogging or are unwilling to start. I won’t call this an excuse because I also live with the pressures of law practice and know that finding...more

Stay Away from Ghosts – Why You Should Write Your Own Blog

On a fairly regular basis I get offers from law firms seeking to have me ghost-write their blog articles for them. I get it why attorneys want to outsource blogging. Law practice can be a real grind. And to adequately...more

Is Blogging Art?

Is Blogging Art? There are a lot of reasons why we as lawyers blog. From the get-go I started blogging for one purpose – to show potential clients why I should be their attorney. But the longer I blog and podcast and use...more

Corporate Blogs: A Smarter Choice for Executive Social Media Presence

Rather than asking whether your executives should or should not use social media, the more relevant question is this: Can your executives capture the advantages of digital communications without opening themselves up to the...more

Batch Processing – The Key to Consistency in Blogging

To many the biggest hurdle to get over when it comes to starting a blog is the anticipated time commitment. It is true. To be successful – and by successful I mean that your blog will result in new and better clients for...more

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