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2014 Connecticut Legislative Summary - September 2014

The 2014 regular session of the Connecticut General Assembly closed with only a few new laws on the books that will affect the design and construction industry. The summaries below highlight the most significant of these....more

DIR Launches New Mandatory Registration Program for Public Works Projects

The California Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) has announced the launch of a new registration program for public works projects authorized by Senate Bill 854, which was signed into law on June 20, 2014, and became...more

Construction Bills: Recent Changes to Construction Laws

On July 6, 2012, more than three years after the expiration of the previous federal transportation law, President Obama signed into law the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), funding more than $105...more

Burr Alert: 2013 Alabama Sales And Use Tax Legislation

On May 9, 2013, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley signed into law House Bill 419, which relates to construction projects for governmental entities who are exempt from sales and use taxes. HB419 permits the Alabama...more

What Are Some Agreement Related Issues?

Whenever an agreement is signed, careful attention must be focused on whether the contract or agreement in question properly addresses the issues facing the parties. One common issue found in Infrastructure Ontario...more

Types of Infrastructure Ontario Projects & How Financing Works

Now that you know what Infrastructure Ontario is, what types of projects does Infrastructure Ontario fund? Infrastructure Ontario projects tend to fall within two types...more

Infrastructure Ontario's Guiding Principles

Welcome to the latest series of blogs published by Lerners LLP on topics relevant to our clients. Over the next few months, this blog will provide information on infrastructure planning and financing through Infrastructure...more

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