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New Corporation Tax Notices and Statements

In 2013, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue implemented a “modernized” computer system for processing corporate tax returns and maintaining corporate tax accounts for Capital Stock Tax, Foreign Franchise Tax, Corporate...more

Are Corporations Profitable?

Do corporations make a profit? I think it is beyond peradventure that some corporations make a profit. But do most (i.e., more than half) make a profit? If more than half do make a profit, how many more than half?...more

Significant Pennsylvania Tax Changes

The General Assembly made significant changes to a number of Pennsylvania taxes as part of the 2013-2014 budget process. These changes were enacted in Act 52, signed into law on July 9, 2013, and have various effective dates....more

PA Capital Stock/Franchise Tax Phase-out Deferred; Related Party Addback Enacted; Numerous Other Tax and Credit Changes Made

On June 30th Governor Corbett signed a $28.4 billion state appropriations package which provides modest increases in some areas and flat funding in others. Although the popular press suggested that the budget included no...more

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