Divorce Equitable Distribution

Divorce is the formal legal dissolution of a marriage. The divorce process implicates many diverse areas of the law including, but not limited to, real estate, wills and trusts, child custody, and tax.
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Preparing for QDROs

In many marriages, the retirement accounts of the couple may be one of the largest financial assets they own. When that couple divorces, questions arise as to how to equitably split up the retirement accounts....more

Divorce Attorney For Financial Advisors And Stockbrokers

Stockbrokers and financial advisors going through a divorce often face non-routine issues due to the unique nature of their compensation. It is important for a financial advisor, and likewise, his or her spouse, to retain a...more

Equitable Distribution Is Not Always Equal

Divorcing couples do not always understand what equitable distribution of marital assets means under Florida statutes. In the view of the court, both people in a marriage make contributions to establishing and running the...more

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