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Divorce is the formal legal dissolution of a marriage. The divorce process implicates many diverse areas of the law including, but not limited to, real estate, wills and trusts, child custody, and tax.
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What Should a Parenting Plan Cover?

A thorough parenting plan is a necessary part of every shared custody arrangement. Nevertheless, even when separating parents are still on civil terms and are able to work together, putting together a parenting plan can be a...more

The Divorce “Parenting Plan,” Despite California’s Lack of Legislation

Social trends usually move ahead of the government. And when it comes to how child custody is written into a divorce agreement, California lags surprisingly behind many other states....more

Parenting Plan Mediation Helps Kids

Discussion about parenting plan mediation generally focuses on the people at the table – the parents. Those parents who reach agreement express satisfaction. They save time and money by avoiding further action in court. They...more

Why Do We Need A Parenting Coordinator?

Parenting Coordinators are professionals appointed by the court to assist parents who are no longer living together, or who are going through a divorce, to resolve disputes regarding their children. The institution of...more

How To Be A Super Single Dad (Or Mom)

When you see your kids only every other weekend and one evening a week, you want to make every moment that you spend together fun and exciting....more

School Bells are Ringing: Scheduling the Children’s Activities

If you are a divorced or separated parent, it time to think about the upcoming school year. Children, like adults, often have highly scheduled lives. This can create great conflict and confusion for divorced and separated...more

Courts Strive For Joint Custody When Possible

When the courts in Florida consider granting custody of one daughter to a father who is facing child abuse charges for acts against another daughter, you know that the conventions of divorce have changed. ...more

Divorce Can Make a Better Parent

Let’s leave out of this discussion those cases where a parent abuses drugs or alcohol, is a perpetrator of domestic violence, or worse. These are a minority of custody cases and deserve an entirely different discussion. ...more

Co-Parenting Often Means Making the Relationship A Priority

E! News host Giuliana Rancic has found herself in the middle of a controversy over a comment she recently made about marriage and parenthood. Rancic said she and her husband Bill put their relationship first and their son...more

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