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FPPC Amends Conflict of Interest Regulations

As part of a larger project, the Fair Political Practices Commission adopted language amending the set of regulations that identify the standards for determining what constitutes a material financial effect of a public...more

New Legislation Grants FPPC Additional Powers

Governor Brown on Tuesday signed three bills sponsored by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) giving the FPPC additional powers and promoting transparency in government. The first, AB 1090 by Assemblymember...more

New California Law Authorizes FPPC to Provide Advice or Opinions, Investigate and Enforce Violations of Government Code Section...

AB 1090 Will Take Effect January 1, 2014 - AB 1090, signed by Governor Brown this week, authorizes the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to investigate or initiate an administrative or civil action (including...more

FPPC Continues Regulation Revision Project - Amendments Delayed Pending Other Conflict of Interest Regulation Revisions

The Fair Political Practices Commission last week amended California Code of Regulations section 18700. This amendment restructured the conflict of interest analysis by providing definitions and consolidating the analysis...more

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