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Accounting Is Not Only Important - It's Mandatory

Imagine how you would feel if you walked into your bank, asked for a summary of your account activity and the bank told you that it had no idea how much money was in your account or how it had been spent. Of course, this...more

June 2014 Estate Planning Update: Short-term Guardians for Minor Children

Nevada law (NRS 159.205) allows parents to appoint short-term guardians for their minor child(ren) without the approval of the court so long as the parent has legal custody. The short-term guardianship can last for up to six...more

Making Decisions for a Child with Special Needs Who Becomes an Adult

Parents of children with special needs must be concerned with ensuring that medical and financial decisions will continue to be made in the child's best interest once the child reaches age 18 -- the age of legal capacity. In...more

Tennessee Insurance Legal News - January 2014 • Volume 3, Number 1


Legal Disability: Court Orders to Protect Parties, the Judicial Process, and Counsel

The administration of justice has a responsibility to protect persons under a legal disability. Such a responsibility serves a dual purpose; to protect that specific individual, and to protect the integrity of the judicial...more

Highlighting the Revisions to the Child Custody Rules

In January 2011, the new custody act became effective and changed the landscape of child custody in Pennsylvania. However, the Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to child custody tracked the custody statutes previously in...more

Critical Choices if Your Children are Orphaned

Who will take care of your children if they're orphaned? If you fail to make your choices known through your estate plan, the selection will be left to a judge. Therefore, there are some critical decisions to make...more

Wills, Trusts and Estates Newsletter - May 2013

In This Issue: - Estate Planning for Families - The Benefits of Appointing a Standby Guardian - Meet Our Attorneys - Ronald A. Feuerstein - Excerpt from The Benefits of Appointing A Standby...more

The Benefits Of Appointing A Standby Guardian

One of the most common reasons parents plan their estate is to ensure their children are properly provided for and will continue to be cared for in the event that either or both parents pass away. Naming a guardian to care...more

Insight on Estate Planning - April/May 2013: Estate Planning Pitfall: You’ve named a minor as beneficiary of your life insurance...

A common estate planning mistake is to designate a minor as beneficiary — or contingent beneficiary — of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. This brief article discusses why it’s better to designate one or more trusts...more

Non-Tax Reasons For Creating An Estate Plan

For most individuals - about 99.9% - estate taxes are no longer a concern thanks to the recent "fiscal cliff" legislation. However, that does not mean that estate planning is no longer necessary....more

New Court Mandated Training for All Persons Serving as a Personal Representative, Guardian or Conservator #EstatePlanningAttorney

Notice: Pursuant to Rule 27.1(A) of the Arizona Rules of Probate Procedure, effective September 1, 2012, all non-licensed persons requesting to serve in any court appointed fiduciary capacity must receive training from the...more

Plenary Guardian May File Divorce Petition For Disabled Adult With Court Approval

This morning, the Illinois Supreme Court filed its unanimous opinion in Karbin v. Karbin. In an opinion by Justice Charles E. Freeman, the Court overruled its twenty-six year old decision in In re Marriage of Drews and held...more

Naming Guardians for Your Children / Illinois Civil Union Act

March 2011 Newsletter - Topics include Naming Guardians for Your Children and the new Illinois Civil Union Act....more

Tennessee Supreme Court Holds That Insurer is Entitled to Rely Upon Facially Valid Order of Financial Guardianship Despite...

In Hood v. Jenkins, et al., No. E2011-02749-SC-R11-CV, 2013 Tenn. LEXIS 1009 (Tenn. Dec. 19, 2013), a minor beneficiary of a $100,000 life insurance policy, filed suit against his financial guardian and the insurance company...more

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