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Do Misstated Financial Statements Cause CEOs To Speed?

Should companies look into the driving records of the CEOs that they hire? Robert H. Davidson, Aiyesha Dey, and Abbie Smith answer that question in a forthcoming Journal of Economics paper. These authors examined a sample...more

Is Reckless Driving A Crime Or Infraction?

The state of Florida treats driving on public roadways as a privilege rather than a right. The social contract between drivers and the state presumes that drivers will obey all laws and drive with careful regard to the safety...more

BB&K Police Chief Bulletin: Custodial Arrest - Only Three Ways to Support Custodial Arrest for Suspected Infraction

Overview: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that police could not take into custody a person cited for an infraction (in this case, trespassing) unless the arrestee has no satisfactory identification, refuses...more

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