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Lottery Winner Without A Will Dead After Cyanide Poisoning

According to a sensational report, the widow of a Chicago lottery winner who was poisoned with cyanide fought with the man’s siblings over control of his estate. The battle included a fight over his nearly half a...more

Per Stirpes Means Per Stirpes, Correct?

So, does per stirpes mean per stirpes? In most cases the answer is yes, however, this is not the case in circumstances in which heirs in the closest degree of kinship are deceased. This issue arises in jurisdictions...more

The Fine Art of Disinheritance: Drafting in Contemplation of Probate Contests

In This Publication: I. Introduction II. Planning Techniques and Warning Signs 1. The in terrorem Clause, EPTL 3-3.5 and SCPA 1404 2. Matter of Singer and the new statutes 3. Explaining the...more

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