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IT Consulting Contract's Distinction With A Difference - Customers, Be Very Careful What You Ask For

One of the most important and fundamental aspects of every IT consulting agreement is also one of the greatest sources of legal misunderstanding and commercial risk for those transactions. Luckily, based on my experience,...more

Oracle v. Rimini Ruling Shows Importance of Clarifying Consultants’ Rights in IT Agreements

Oracle USA, Inc. (“Oracle”) brought suit against Rimini Street, Inc. (“Rimini”), a software support-services provider. Rimini offers licensees of Oracle products a secondary source for support of Oracle applications. In the...more

Is The State A Silent Partner In Your Contract? Court Strikes Choice Of Law Provision Because Enforcement Would “Frustrate A...

“Freedom of contract”, the very fabric of free market competition and the backbone of laissez-faire economics, stands for the proposition that every competent adult has the right to make a legally binding agreement free from...more

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